A new site is born

Today Archaic Triad is launched, as a vehicle for the thoughts and observations of its small, but dedicated staff. The current tagline – “Transcending Culture” – is certainly misleading, since rather than leave culture behind, we will wallow in it. Hopefully we will, in time, be able to offer perspectives of a less common kind on the contributions to our heritage made by whomever happens to catch our fancy.

In the early stages of this project, the main topic will be music and literature of various types. It is our hope that we will expand beyond that limited (?) scope, but one has to start somewhere. So why not there?

In time, we may live up to that tagline. Until then, you’ll just have to make do.

As for the name of this venture, we feel sure that we will come up with some ad hoc explanation for it sooner or later, at which point we will alter this post to make it look like we knew what we were doing all along.

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