jinsang – life.

Whatever one may think about releasing stuff online (I’m still struggling with the concept), it is clear that some people make it work. California’s jinsang has been at it since about 2013, according to what information is available online. His latest release, life, can be enjoyed on great looking green vinyl, but it also recently made it onto the bestselling chart of Bandcamp, which means the guy is probably making at least a few bucks off of his music. This he deserves.

The music as such is nothing fancy. What we get is a collection of laid back, well constructed hip-hop beats, you know the kind that feel a bit like they would actually be ruined if anyone dared rap on top of them. Some piano, some flutes, some strings, some samples – all supported by catchy, not too dominant drums loops. Apparently this is a compilation of tracks made from the artist’s last year in high school until now. That means there’s a great deal of consistency in jinsang’s output, but that’s hardly a bad thing when the overall sound is this pleasing to the ears.

What artwork is available for this and his other releases is simple but beautiful – latter day Hokusai-style pictures of scenes from nature and the street. The beat titles also move between the natural world and psychological themes. Tracks suck as in the clouds, trees and last autumn meet affection, perceptionz and learning. This reviewer’s favorite at this point would have to be night hike, but it is highly probable that further exploration of this 25 track album might alter that view.

Keep at it, jinsang.

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