New Year’s Resolution

After being online for almost a week, we feel confident we are headed in the right direction. Archaic Triad figured a great way to end this year would be to establish what we have done and are doing, what we’ll do next and what we aim to do if everything works out the way we hope it will.

What we have done and are doing:
1) We’ve got a webmagazine up and running, with a decent update tempo.
2) We’ve published a number of, as we see it, quality reviews, and one great interview. More is on its way already, rest assured.
3) We’ve at least hinted at the broad grip we intend to take on this thing called culture.
4) We’ve got a fairly functional webpage.

What we will do soon:
1) Get a better update tempo, publish one hell of a lot more quality reviews and interviews, make even more clear how broad a grip we intend to take on culture and improve the functionality of the webpage further. Being technological illiterates, especially the latter will be difficult, but we will get there.
2) Attract more and better writers. While we’re so far utilizing the Economist style of signing articles, we will develop tools to allow guest writers and narcissistic permanent staff to sign their articles.
3) Be f-ing fabulous.

What we aim to do, if everything works out the way we hope it will:
1) Promote cultural bastardization of the most unexpected kind, and reawaken musical and cultural scenes dormant or dead.
2) Publish a printed edition, either in the form of a fanzine or a journal.
3) Dominate the world of online literary and musical publishing, so that no opinion that is not ours will ever make it out of the fringes of discourse.

And with these modest ambitions, we wish all our readers a happy new year.

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