Kosmodrom – Journey to the Far Side of the Sun

The second half of 2016 saw the release of several Kosmodrom tapes, one of which has been reviewed on Archaic Triad already. The present one, Journey to the Far Side of the Sun, is released on Nil By Mouth. Like all Kosmodrom tapes, there’s that clever list of inspirational material in the beautiful cover. Apparently, Hawkwind and Tangerine Dream, as well as the 1969 film Doppelgänger, was central to Alex’s creation of this particular tape.

To speak of “classic Kosmodrom” would of course be premature for a project that has existed less than a year, and also somewhat incorrect in this case. While Kosmodrom could keep doing exactly what they’ve been doing since their inception and still remain interesting and vibrant, there’s always been two plausible possibilities for development, or at least temporary deviation. An obvious one would be to go a softer, even more psychedelic route and touch or even cross over into ambient. The other possibility would be heavier and more “brutal” wall stuff, while retaining the sci-fi elements. Journey to the Far Side of the Sun is clearly more a step in the latter direction.

The tape retains the experimental, somewhat psychedelic edge that sets Kosmodrom apart from Dead Body Collection and most other HNW, but it also has a strong core of heavy, basic HNW/Harsh Noise. There are long stretches of pretty consistent noise wall – high quality stuff, with a solid base of bass and crunchiness. Still, there’s no room for any “no dynamics” mantra here – there’s at least something extra going on almost all the time, and a number out outright breaks.

It should be said that this is not Dead Body Collection with space blip-blop sounds forced onto it. Kosmodrom’s sound is cohesive and forms an organic whole, remaining Harsh Noise Wall while breaking the rules at regular intervals in a way which serves to underline the core concepts – space itself, and various popular cultural depictions of space in sci-fi and psychedelic music. Despite being largely improvised, it usually gives a quite deliberate impression.

The tape can be obtained from Nil By Mouth.

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