Revelation of the Dead Girl – Love is Scum

The latest addition to the ever expanding, perhaps rather exploding, HNW library of Ivan Sandakov is a fifty minute wall of the slightly heavier variety. Sandakov’s output generally covers the entire Harsh Noise Wall conceptual spectrum, from True Crime over zombie films to sexual fetishism. Revelation of the Dead Girl and Love Is Scum belong squarely in the latter category. The digital release is illustrated with a female bottom depicted on the borderline between artsy photography and porn. Said bottom, the album title and the band name is all we get. All except for the unrelenting, almost unchanging burst of heavy harsh noise, that is, and for HNW that might be plenty.

There are layers to Love is Scum – a deep, driving bass, a light crackling and some midrange distortion to glue it all together. If you’re not listening on large speakers, a couple of fairly expensive headphones is probably the way to go to truly get into the action. There are some minor shifts in the exact sound, at least one will tend to think so after listening for a while, but the various pitches do not intrude on each other overtly. The bass keeps rumbling, the cracklings keep a-crackling and whatever else hides in the wall keeps hiding.

This is difficult to criticize in any meaningful way, except to say that it is a good piece of wall noise. It won’t upset the boundaries of the genre, but that is hardly Sandakov’s intention. It would be nice to see some of this stuff make it unto a physical format, though. An Oasis of the Zombies vinyl, or a Revelations of the Dead Girl 5xCD-box would really be something I think most noiseheads would be happy to add to their collection. Let’s hope some label gets its act together and makes that happen.

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