“HNW is you” – an interview with Ivan Sandakov

This is something we’ve wanted to do for a while, so obviously we went ahead and did it. Ivan Sandakov is one of the most prolific extreme noise artists active online today, with several labels and dozens of projects under his belt. We shot off a series of questions, and got an instant reply (this is a guy who does not waste any time, whether it be producing hours of brutal noise wall, or answering his e-mail). Enjoy, and learn!

I think, first of all, we need to try to establish the approximate borders of your empire of noise. Could you tell us how many labels you run, and how many bands you have? If you have the time, a complete list would be rather interesting. If not, at least a number and a few examples.
Yes, I opened a lot noise for all projects and not have time to follow. More than 10 projects, I’m lost and can’t restore albums for public distribution. About 60 projects in my grasping paws. Main projects is Sleep Column / Autodestruction / Cannibal Meat Holocaust / Revelation Of The Dead Girl / Himmelgrau. Sleep Column was created in March 2011, after the sound experiments of Autodestruction project. In those days, I listened to Vomir and Dead Body Collection. My first label was Eternal Sound Of Destruction (E.S.O.D. Records). Under this brand I published the releases of various styles of music, from ambient to harsh noise. The label lasted about six months. I don’t remember why I closed it. It was in 2010. A year later, I opened Wall Noise Action. Through this label, I got a lot of experience, good friends and the leadership and organization of the compilations.

Now we can get to the cliché questions: tell us something about yourself. Your age, marital status, or whatever you think people should know about you personally.
My name is Ivan, I’m 25 years old. I live in Russia, city of Kemerovo (Siberia). Yes, I’m married and grow a heir to my art, my son. I asked the question – “Ivan, as you know people all over the world?” I think a lot. Every day I get positive grades and donations for my releases. I am glad, what you do and it’s great.

One question I think most people who look at the various discographies of yours are bound to ask is: why do you produce such enormous amounts of noise/Harsh Noise Wall, and how do you find the time?
There is always time to write something. It’s not even boredom, and if I stop writing music, so inspiration and motivation will fade. I don’t understand people who take a long amount of time to compose one work. I compose for myself and for the audience.

I think most would agree that you have a very good feel for how to create a brutal wall. Please describe the process – approximately what equipment do you use, how much work goes into each one, etc.
On each release I spend about 3-5 hours, this includes recording the source and treatment of the technical component. I no longer use analog equipment, except the radio and a couple of pedals. Basically, I use extraneous ambient sounds. If it sounds interesting, it will be a new release.

I have not gone through your entire catalog, not even close, but the two projects I fancy most at this point is Elephant Graveyard and Oasis of the Zombies. Which are your personal favorites – bands, songs, releases?
From my childhood listening to electronic music, I think it’s Autechre, Depeche Mode, Yello, The Rockets, Kraftwerk. From noise I listen to John Olson and all of his projects, the early work of Richard Ramirez, Merzbow, Coma Detox, Grunt, Genocide Organ, Sutcliffe Jugend, .nyctalops.

Do you have any lesser known HNW, noise or industrial projects, that you yourself are not involved in, to recommend?
From HNW – Koobaatoo Asparagus, Wallmaster, Bitum, Dosis Letalis, Chier, Train Cemetery, Folter, Necrotik Fissure, DHNW
From Noise/Industrial – Light Collapse, all projects of Lebedev-Frontov

As far as I’ve been able to determine, your labels all operate online. Have you ever considered doing physical releases? Much of the music you release and/or record would fit very well in CD boxes, tape sets etc.
Good question. Yes, many of my works would look good in physical format. Unfortunately, most of my finances go to my family. I can say that this is a temporary problem, and I will begin to publish my work on CD-R or Tapes.

How much time do you spend listening to Harsh Noise Wall and other types of extreme industrial, and how much do you spend making it?
About 3-4 hours is spent listening. At the moment, about 2 hours, since I most of all listen to the laughter of my son, ha ha

What other types of music, if any, do you listen to?
Experimental, Ambient, Black Metal, Shoegaze, House & Trance Music

What lies in the future for Nihil Worship HNW, Wall Noise Action, and all your many, many projects?
Good future, specific projects will cease forever. The death of one project creates a new project. It will always be. While my presence hasn’t gone out, I will keep your designs and labels.

My slogan: «All things are static. HNW is you»

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