Four Walls – Proclamation

Four walls is a Harsh Noise Wall project about which virtually nothing can be found online. Their latest, possibly debut, offering Proclamation is released online for free by a London Harsh Noise Wall label called, with all the imagination we’ve come to expect from the genre, HNW. HNW has previously published stuff from Ivan Sandakov’s Sleep Column, The Symbolist and others, and now have well over 100 releases under their belt. There is a certain diversity, and several different people behind the numerous projects (not obvious in this genre, as you may know). There are no physical releases, and everything is free, which of course serves to devalue the whole effort somewhat. On the other hand, it doesn’t make the noise any less meaningful (or meaningless).

Proclamation consists of two tracks – “Proclamation Pt. I” and “Proclamation Pt. II” – each approximately 17 minutes, which means they would probably fit on a standard 12″ vinyl LP (nudge, nudge, hint, hint). The first track is a massive slab of distorted noise wall, and the only thing to tell us this is not yet another Sandakov project is the “London” tag under the release. There’s substantial bass rumbling buried in distortion, and there are some boosted static crackles on top. There are dynamic aspects, and there are even minor shifts in intensity as the distorted static gears up a couple of minutes in. Don’t expect a magnificent chorus to make you and your gal fall back in love all over again at the dance, though. It’s harsh. It’s noise. It’s wall.

Moving on to “Proclamation – Pt. II”, we are surprised by a brief respite. A muffled, bass dominated glitching/crackling sound dominates the headphones for all of three seconds, before we’re back up against the wall. It is fairly similar to the first part, but perhaps the higher frequencies are somewhat more “out there”. A well constructed HNW track, of the constant-assault-of-noise type, usually leaves you somewhat uncertain as to which variations in the sound are actually there, and which your ears and brain invent just to cope with the nonsensical barrage. And these are well constructed HNW tracks. Hardly unique, hardly even original, but certainly worth checking out if you want to pay between nothing and what you feel like for an LP:s (nudge, nudge, hint, hint) worth of noise.

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