Tenebrositas – Alone In The Frozen Wastelands

A peculiarity of black metal from the 2000s and onwards is the availability of high quality synthesized drums. Programs such as EZdrummer (including the popular Drumkit From Hell) have made the eternal problem of the black metal musician – that drummers are generally awful people, who really want to play some jazz or power metal shit, but likes to play with you because you’re cool and different – obsolete. Gone are also the stiff-as-the-dead drum machines that infested (or perhaps adorned?) many a 90s demo, as well as the entire Greek black metal scene, from Rotting Christ and Thou Art Lord to early Der Stürmer.

So when a, I assume rather young, talent such as Tenebrositas releases his fourth warcry of raw, primitive black metal, he has a drummer which would have been the envy of any BM artist of the 90s who didn’t happen to know Hellhammer or Erik Brødreskift (RIP). For some new black metal bands this can be a problem, since their torrent acquired, high quality digital drum kit sounds way too produced and crisp when put side by side with the well-/ill-intentioned abuse of the strings. Tenebrositas makes it work, though, since he can handle his guitar well enough, and seems to have bothered just enough with production, to give the release as a whole a coherent, raw sound. After two very primitive black metal assaults, with a slight technical finesse here and there, it ends with a brief outro of the dungeon synth variety.

For us old tape traders, it is also nice to know that Tenebrositas hails from Croatia – exactly the type of origin which would make you take out the electric type writer (Jesus Christ, I’m a WWI veteran), write a polite letter, and then begin your trade request with:

TENEBROSITAS (CRO) – Alone in the frozen wastelands DEMO 2016

And back then, you still had to pay postage.

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