Apocryphos/Kammarheit/Atrium Carceri – Echo

A collaboration between Apocryphos, Atrium Carceri and long-standing dark ambient one man elite squad Kammarheit? That’s crazy talk! Well, of course it isn’t, and Echo is in fact their second effort together, after the impressive Onyx made the rounds a while back. Like its predecessor, it is released by Cryo Chamber, a label we’ve previously discussed on Archaic Triad in connection with the Ted Nugent-inspired Paleowolf.

Given the participants, it is no surprise that this is more traditional dark ambient than some other artists released by the expat-Swedish/American label. There is certainly moods and atmospheres to be had, but this is clearly less “cinematic” and more “ambient” than for example the aforementioned Paleowolf. There is plenty of variety, though.

On the second track “The Dead Fire” we are treated to creaking sounds, as from a shipwreck washed ashore somewhere, and distant rumbles are covered in rich, ambient drones and synthesizers of a very typical Kammarheit sort. The following “Burrows” maintains much of this, but removes the ship and introduces broken and subdued distorted guitar. There are similar hints of strings or once-acoustic sound sources sprinkled throughout the album – “Eschatology” hints of several instruments, though weaved into a huge slab of drones, synths and almighty reverb.

As the reader has no doubt noticed already, the titles are suggestive and beautiful in a way typical of most higher quality dark ambient acts. Other titles include “Omission”, “Drawn Like a Moth” and the opening track, “What the Earth Bore”, which happens to be brilliant, and also comes with a promotional video of sorts.

Released on the 10th of January this year, Echo comes in a beautiful 6 panel digipak, and it can be bought bundled with Onyx. On this album, the Apocryphos/Kammarheit/Atrium consortium truly delivers, and Cryo Chamber keeps adding to its already sizable reputation as the place to go for your high brow dark ambient needs.

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