Rude – Remnants…

In a desperate attempt to form the future of metal, Archaic Triad’s official Twitter account has been seen promoting the hashtag #OldschoolDeathMetalRevival2017. It is our deep conviction that everyone should spend more time listening to stuff in the vein of Bolt Thrower, early Entombed, Seance, Immolation and any number of other 80s and 90s death metal bands. All this “brutal death metal” and “goregrind” and what not, we don’t understand. Bolt Thrower is brutal. Don’t get us wrong, that new stuff is probably cool and all, but now it’s going away, much like everything else your new lousy generation believe in and like for no good reason. You can keep Devourment and Putrid Pile, we like them.

Anyhoo, 2017 actually looks like it’s going to be a great year for oldschool DM, regardless of whether our hashtag trends or not. The most obviously amazing thing to look forward to is the debut album of UK’s Memoriam, comprised of former members of Bolt Thrower and Benediction. While that may be the supernova of our planned #OldSchoolDeathMetalRevival, there are plenty of twinkling little stars of rough and tumble, early 90s style Metal O’ Death spreading their dark light. Rude, for instance.

I must confess to not having even heard of this group of fine gentlemen before coming across “Remnants…”, which drops on the 20th of January. Now that I’ve both heard of them and heard their music, I must say it is quite the satisfying experience. There is almost no need to list influences – all the late 80s/early 90s icons are in there somewhere. A pinch of Entombed’s Left Hand Path, a hot spoon of Morbid Angel, lots and lots of Obituary. The vocals, especially – hot diggity, that’s Obituary.

The oldschoolery does not stop with the music. The logo would have looked awesome in the pages of any xeroxed death metal fanzine from 1992, and the cover art is very much in the vein of aforementioned Left Hand Path or possibly Clandestine. Some might say that Rude takes the whole retro thing too far. Some might also be complete and utter morons. All it takes is listening to the malicious guitar licks in “House of Dust”, or try a little lazy/drunken headbanging to the relentless hammering of drums in “Interpretations of the Ultimate Finality” to not only feel, but know, that this is what death metal should sound like. “Fracturing the Gates of Truth” is also a ruthless piece of music – KILL metal, rather than just death metal.

The band name is rather unusual, and actually proof that this isn’t some kind of hipster retro trip, but a sound continuation of a tradition. Death Metal is a genre that matured to perfection some twenty years ago, and really just needs to be kept alive and reinvigorated by people proudly marching in line behind the old masters. Am I kidding? At least exaggerating? Listen to Rude, and make up your own mind. And lets make sure to keep the #OldSchoolDeathMetalRevival2017 going.

Purchase from F.D.A. Records.

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