Daemoniac – Spawn of the Fallen

We don’t know if you feel like you’re winning today, or if you feel like the world is coming to an end. If you spent less time worrying about American politics, and more time worrying about the future of Old School Death Metal, we at Archaic Triad feel quite confident that you would feel pretty great right about now. “Tired of winning”, and all that. Our previously discussed Twitter hashtag, #OldSchoolDeathMetalRevival2017, is looking less and less like a desperate plea, and more and more like a prediction of the type that will put us in the history books.

The Milano outfit Daemoniac was put together in 2013, with the obvious intent of making sure that the music of Nihilist and Crematory should live on, even if future events eradicated all traces of those bands and their recordings. On Spawn of the Fallen, Daemoniac have done a smashing job. If the cover and logo don’t do it for you, what happens when you turn it on should. A brief 80s horror intro sets the mood – gloomy keyboards meet some creepy noises playing backwards, and then the strings of “Macabre Eucharist” starts riffing over wild, early Entombed-style drums.

This is far from the hyper tense, almost electronic sound of most modern brutal death metal. While the performance as such is pretty much water tight, the sound is utterly organic. Cymbals clank and jingle, there’s plenty of filth in the distorted guitar work, and while the double kick drum is there from time to time, it’s semi-buried in a complete sound picture, rather than almost dominating it.

The vocals are legitimate growls of a real man voice. Despite our reactionary tone in these matters, we are in fact not at all opposed to more inhuman varieties of death metal vocals – the inward sucking insanity of Goregrind vox, or the straight up digital pitch down of certain other more or less reputable bands do speak to us. Still, a real monster of an Italian roaring out lyrics about being “Regurgitated from Hell” (the second track of the album) can only warm your heart.

The album is released by Xtreem Music, a Madrid label who’ve managed to snag the “666” P.O. Box at the local post office. The label was founded in 2002, but through clever use of time travel it has managed to regularly spend many a vacation in the early 1990s. Perhaps it was during one of these that they found Daemoniac, and brought them to our time. When “Cursed Hecatomb” rolls into our ears we know that this was a wise move, and that the brilliant scientists who provided Xtreem with the technological wherewithal to undertake this bold project were right to do so. Pick Spawn of the Fallen up from Xtreem Music’s website.

If this keeps up, by the time For the Fallen drops in march, the #OldSchoolDeathMetalRevival2017 will already be well under way.

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