Boschi Scuri – Towards Forest Gates

It appears a great many dungeon synth acts were founded in 2016. Some of them have physical releases out, most don’t. That is a bad thing, since old people like us don’t really understand this whole thing called “the internet”. It has something to do with news not being for real anymore, which is also a bad thing, because it used to be that all news were for real. That is why there were very few wars up until the 2000s when hate happened, as we understand it. Feel free to post your opinions on the matter on Twitter, preferably somewhere we can’t read them.

One band that publishes its rather minimalist dungeon synth on this internet thingie is Boschi Scuri, hailing from Gorizia in Italy. They have made three releases since April 2016, the present – Towards Forest Gates – being the latest one. That makes them relatively slow moving in the world of dungeon synth, which isn’t necessarily negative at all.

The style is similar to Cernunnos Woods, with a touch of The Soil Bleeds Black at their slowest, though it is likely that these influences have come through some other, more recent dungeon synth artist. The cover, band logo and title in a simple, classy font on a plain, brown background, says much of what is to come. There are just a few instruments at a time, and simplistic but rather moving melodies. Not much musical skill is evident, but there’s nothing embarrassing either, and the right feeling is there.

No cassette fuzz or anything else has been added to create a false sense of “old school”, but the whole recording is honest, straight to the point dungeon synth/medieval ambient on the demo stage. It is preformed on the keyboard rather than programmed, or very meticulously made to seem like it were. That gives the recording a very nice human and organic quality, which we will continue to defend (with the usual caveats) as a core principle of minimalist music that lives off of atmosphere and naive simplicity.

It may be that the recording is a little short, and a little underdeveloped in other ways, but we will still recommend you to check this out. If Boschi Scuri continue to develop their sound, and keep performing it in this lively fashion, they may one day rise to the top of the genre. Until then, we recommend that you download and enjoy Towards Forest Gates. For enjoyable it is. Favorite track is the closing one: “Adventurers”.

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