Necrotik Fissure – Erratic Liquid Under the Surface of Europa

Harsh Noise Wall comes in many forms. Some walls are bass dominated and brutal – a sort of stripped down death metal, if you will. Others border on white noise, as they cover so many frequencies so that each individual part drowns in massive fuzz. Due to the nature of non musical sound, it would indeed be futile to list them all.

Hungarian Necrotik Fissure have their own way of doing things on Erratic Liquid Under the Surface of Europa. It is indeed harsh noise wall, but it is a wall mainly in the sense that it keeps the same type of noise going throughout the whole 78 minutes of uninterrupted play time. It is not a gapless, uninterrupted noise assault. Rather, it is a fragmented series of continuous bursts of distortion, blending into each other, shifting ever so slightly in intensity as the wall progresses.

The obvious reference of choice is latter day The Rita (Ballet Feet Positions and Womankind 2: Cleopatra, Sacred Servants, among others), except there are no samples here, and there is less of a direction in the noise. This is also even dryer, chunkier, more distorted and somewhat treble dominated. If we were to extend the comparison from one of perceptual qualities to one of hierarchical quality, this may in fact be seen as “harsher” than The Rita, but on the negative side it is not as organic or quite as pleasant to listen to. Then again, comparisons such as these may not make much sense, nor are they really fair.

On its own merits, this is a nice piece of wall. There are objectively noticeable shifts in the structure, shifts which are probably necessary for any project that isn’t Vomir to make it meaningful to record a 78 minute HNW piece (some may disagree, and more power to them). While we wouldn’t dare guess exactly how this piece of music was constructed, it seems that there has been some active manipulation of certain parameters during the creation of the wall, though this manipulation has been exercised with the utmost restraint. It grows on you, makes you want to examine the sound further, for all its simplicity. Erratic Liquid Under the Surface of Europa ends with a tender fade out, which is a move that feels a whole lot more meaningful and pleasant than one would have suspected.

Usually we prefer our HNW a bit more in the “stripped down death metal” camp – full on, bass dominated attacks of audial violence, but it is always nice when someone has another idea about something, and shows you how it can be done. Necrotik Fissure have done that here, in an excellent way. Check out!

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