Bloody Apartment – The Accumulation Of Wounds

Bloody Apartment is a less than prolific harsh noise wall project. As far as I can tell, this is the second release ever made (the first one being a self-titled download from 2015). Given that this is published by Wall Noise Action, and almost certainly yet another project by Ivan Sandakov, that may not really be a meaningful observation, but it would be interesting to know why so little HNW goodness has been channeled through this particular project.

The Accumulation of Wounds differs quite a lot from the previous release. Bloody Apartment was booming, distorted and bass dominated HNW similar to many releases from Sandakov’s other projects Elephant Graveyard or Oasis of the Zombies. This work is somewhat more held back. There is an irregular fundament of bass rumbles, coming and going with very short intervals, on top of which are stacked several different scratching noises and tiny fuzz assaults. What is truly original here is that many of the sounds seem to have been reverberated and/or delayed, which gives an impression quite different from that given by the project’s previous release.

It is interesting to follow the slight modifications of sound that Wall Noise Action as a label engages in to test and expand the borders of harsh noise wall. It is rarely even close to the brash, Sci-Fi craziness of a band like Kosmodrom, but the minuscule alterations, experiments and trial-and-errors – each represented by at least one or more full-length noise albums, sometimes entire bands/projects – are truly a joy to behold. Harsh noise wall will never “make it big”, but if it did, it would be because of the tireless refining of style and substance represented by the likes of Wall Noise Action. The Accumulation of Wounds and Bloody Apartment represent one more such careful modification of the formula of HNW, and one which is fairly successful

Whether the title is supposed to correspond somehow to the scratching and cutting noises that break up and disturb the bass dominated foundation of noise is anybody’s guess. At one euro, and a reasonable play time of 40 minutes, The Accumulation of Wounds is certainly a cheap way of getting your daily harsh noise wall injection. For untold are the millions who need their daily harsh noise wall injection, right? Right?

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