Dissections, peace and love – Interview with Nasty Surgeons

Nasty Surgeons. The name conjures images of goregrind, replete with porn- and Star Wars-samples, funny vocals and chaotic drumwork. As our review from a while back showed, these Spanish death metal heads are somewhat different from that. A brainchild of a number of very established Spanish metal musicians, Nasty Surgeons more or less unintentionally developed from a borderline tribute band, to a full fledged death metal assault. There is gore, there is grind, but there is also much else. Archaic Triad shot off an interview, and got these great replies from founding guitarist/vocalist Raúl Weaver.

Hello, how are you today?
Hi man, how are you? I´m fine here answering your questions while I´m listening to some music.

Nasty Surgeons is a quite new outfit, but I understand most members have backgrounds in other bands. Would you care to tell our readers about your other bands and projects, so we see where you’re coming from?
Yes you´re right. Nasty Surgeons was born just a year ago, but we are not newcomers. I (Raúl) play in Mistweaver (Melodic Death Metal, this year is our 20th anniversary), Mass Burial (Death Metal in a Swedish vein), Graveyard of Souls (Doom), and used to play in Authority Crisis (Grindcore), Pathfinder (thrash), The Undead Family (Metal) and a few more bands in the past. Ramón (drummer) plays in Mistweaver and used to play in Ad Aeternum (Metal), Gonzalo (guitar) plays in Dalle (heavy-metal). Adrian (bass) is the only new one in the scene.

I’d say that your image is very grind/death oriented, but that you have plenty of other influences in your music. In fact, it’s almost as if you first thought you’d make a “stereotypical” grind/gore side project, but then got into it so much that you created an awesome death metal band with gore/grind influences instead. Is that what happened?
Hehe, maybe you´re right again. When I decided to form the band, the main idea was playing Grind in the vein of old Carcass, General Surgery, Necrony,…. But, when I composed the songs, I didn´t want to think about whether this or that was more of one style or another and, as I’ve been listening to Death metal and playing too much in the last years, maybe my subconscious carried me away. Anyway, I wanted to create something extreme and raw, and I think that was achieved with the final outcome.

Which bands, death metal and others, would you say influence your music the most?
The bands mentioned above are important but, as I’ve told you my bands, all of them playing different styles, and I are influenced by many others. I like Iron Maiden, Accept, Entombed, Autopsy, The Hellacopters, Deathstars… I like any kind of music which transmits something.

You were signed very quickly, by the excellent label Xtreem Music. How did this come about?
Everything has happened really too fast, actually. When we were signed the album was not mixed and mastered yet. We only had two songs totally finished in order to send to labels, and we created a Bandcamp page where we could show those songs. I just left a comment with this info on the facebook page of Relapse (I know many people follow that site and so they could check our bandcamp), and a few minutes later I saw that Dave from Xtreem “liked” that, so I got in contact with him telling him we were looking for a label and we got signed. As I said, the album was not ready yet, because the idea was just uploading those songs to let people know about us, but this is what happened. Then Dave told us that if the album was ready before Christmas the release could be in January and we had to finish it all, also the booklet and layout. Sometimes it is good working with a deadline .

Would you characterize Nasty Surgeons as your main band, or one of your main bands, or is it more of a side project to do things that don’t fit with your other projects?
Well, when I started with this, it was just to play something different to what I usually play in my other bands, but then I realized that this had to be a real band, so I looked for real people, and so the band was formed. Once the band is ready to play live I can´t consider it just a project, I think. Although Mistweaver was always my little boy, this is one more band, and I treat all my bands equally. I mean, if we have one concert with one band for one date, I don´t arrange gigs for the other bands on the same date. As this is just underground and we don´t play live as much as we´d like, there´s really no problem. Also for the rehearsal, it´s just a matter of organization.

Spain seems to have quite a lively death metal scene, or is this just how it looks from very far away? What other bands are there in your area, and do you have a local “scene”?
Yes, in the last years there have appeared many new bands playing these styles. Regarding a local scene, I haven’t much to tell you. I am in contact with many bands, sometimes we play together in our town, then we go to theirs and so on. Mentioning some bands from here (Spain, that is, because in our hometown I´d say my bands are the only ones playing this) I’d of course say Mistweaver and Mass Burial, then Oniricous, Graveyard, Nashgul, Aposento, Avulsed and In Thousand Lakes,…

How do you come up with lyrics? ”The Resurrectionists” is based on historical events. Is it true they made that guy’s skin into a book cover?
Yes, I traveled to Edinburgh a couple of times some years ago and that real story was explained to me. I thought, one day, I should write a song about that and now I could do it for this band. Then, when I wrote the lyrics, I investigated a bit through the internet and I discovered that thing about the book cover. Sometimes reality goes beyond fiction.
“The Creation of the Monstrosity” is also about a serial killer, in Germany, who was discovered a few years ago, and he could possibly be one of the biggest serial killers ever (in Germany, I guess). He killed and kept parts of every victim to create a new monstrosity. Like Frankenstein.
Some more lyrics we have are about dissections, surgeries,…. Peace and love.

Where do you see death metal going in the next ten years – in Spain or globally? Will there be development, too much development, stagnation..?
I don´t know, but I think the last years have been good for the style, with many good bands coming out. Development? I don´t know, I think the important thing is that you play what you like, enjoy and want to play. I know I haven´t invented anything with any of my bands, but I know what I do is honest and that´s everything to me. So I guess and hope the rest of the bands do the same.

How is your taste in music? Do you listen mainly to death metal and other forms of extreme metal, or are you more eclectic?
I mainly listen to metal in any form but, as I told before, I grew up with Maiden, Accept, Helloween, Metallica, Slayer… And I also played in cover bands in the past (I needed money), so I had to listen to pop, country and such in order to learn the songs, so… The only thing which I really despise is those bands or lead singers created by the industry just to get money and business. For example, in the eighties, most pop bands and singers composed their own music, and all of them had something, some essence, I don´t know if you know what I mean. But today they are just thrown to success and they don´t write music, nor lyrics. They are told how they have to move and dress. They are puppets, only puppets, and that sucks.

What are your plans for the future. Will you keep up a regular pace of releases? Will there be tours and live gigs?

We are now rehearsing in order to play live. We will have our first gig in May at Brutologos Fest near here and I hope we can get more gigs then and also some tour could be ok as well, I don´t know. And I am preparing new stuff right now so I can say you will have Surgeons for a while hehe.

The last word is yours. I suggest you use it to add anything we may have missed. Thank you very much for your time!
Thanks a lot for this cool interview, and I hope you all (readers) like our music and buy our Cd and carry us to play to your cities (solobscurabitur@hotmail.com), so that after the gigs we may drink some beers with you. Cheers.

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