Beartrap/Hummingbird of Death – Split

Many things in life take too long. I think that is a sentiment most of us have, some of the time at least. Waiting for a bus always takes one minute more than we really want to put up with. Standing in line means being trapped at least five minutes extra behind that lovely elderly woman, fumbling with God knows what in her purse. American elections have gone from lasting a number of months before election day, to never ending at all. The list goes on.

Powerviolence is a genre that would probably like to change all this, but failing that it is content to lead by example: the music is never lengthy when mr. and mrs. Powerviolence call the shots. Beartrap and Hummingbird of Death do their best to contribute to this battle against stuff outstaying it’s welcome on a 5″ vinyl, released yesterday (1/27/17) by a cartel of four labels – Give Praise Records, To Live a Lie Records, Here and Now Records and Riotous Outburst Records. With a total of 12 tracks, the entire vinyl lasts just above a minute. The tracks’ playtime vary from 8 to a whopping 14 secundaroonies. Powerviolent as they are, both acts play ultra aggressive hardcore/fastcore with plenty of grinding blastbeats.

When it comes to vocals and lyrics there are some important differences between these two bands. Beartrap’s singer does angry, high-pitched shouts on the border between grindcore and hardcore, and the songs have concise titles like “weightless” and “demon”. Hummingbird of Death utilize several vocal styles, one of which sounds a bit like gruntier RAC (sure they love that comparison, but hey, that’s what popped into my mind, so that’s what I write). The track titles are longer, in some cases so long they would have constituted the whole lyric if the vocalist was a little slower in his execution. “You had better enjoy treating people like shit while you can” and “Human train wreck” are two examples that set the tone.

If you enjoy aggressive, fast hardcore with blastbeats, but only briefly, Beartrap and Hummingbird of Death have just the ticket for you. The 5″ is available from, among other places, Give Praise in the US, and soon from Here and Now in Europe.  Cool stuff.

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