Cryptic Brood – Brain Eater

Tweet it with me, you lazy pieces of human garbage: #OldSchoolDeathMetalRevival2017! And since you won’t tweet it with me, then at the very least listen to some quality death metal. Cryptic Brood is a fairly new act with a demo, an EP and a split behind them. Brain Eater is their debut full length album. So, whaddawegot here?

Cryptic Brood play a combination of death and doom metal, with an admixture of grindcore influences. Murky melodies worm their way slowly from the innards of dark alleys, only to be interrupted by quicker death metal parts and the occasional Reek of Putrefaction
style blast beat segment. There are a few surprises now and then, and while nothing new is invented here, the different elements fit together in a way that makes sure you’re never quite sure what’s coming next.

Lyrically, the album’s title says it all. This is gore, mainly of the horror film inspired type. There is eating of heads, body parts decomposing under cemeteries, and even a gang of teens going into a basement only to be assaulted, cooked and eaten by horribly crippled cannibal creatures. The English is so-so at times, but who cares? Classic stuff.

There are two points about this album which are likely to divide listeners into camps: the first one is the vocals. Certainly, the deep gory death metal grunts are uncontroversial, but there is also plenty of outright screaming of a kind that is difficult to define. It’s not really hardcore or grindcore vocals, there is far more hysteria involved. They sound a bit like they should hurt. This adds an urgent sense of visceral aggression that will either feel energizing or make you annoyed and angry. Personally, I am on the fence, and like them when I am in the right mood.

The second aspect is the production. This album was recorded by the band in their rehearsal space in Wolfsburg, Germany, and mixed by the band members themselves. The result is a very, very dirty production. On this point, I am more squarely with Cryptic Brood – there’s a time and place for über produced death metal, but there are also other times and places, and this is clearly one of them. This production works perfect for this style of death/doom. Also, Dave Rotten (of Xtreem Music, who releases the album) has provided excellent mastering, so it’s not like Brain Eater sounds like it was recorded in a can. It’s just dirty ass death metal, dude! Deal with it.

Brain Eater is out on March 1 2017, but is already available for pre-order.

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