Concrete Jellÿ – Getting Noticed

Concrete Jellÿ have been around since 2014, but sound like they’ve been rocking it way longer. Getting Noticed is the second album of the group, and likewise the first chapter in a trilogy of concept albums, of which their debut album 3 was the third. Yeah, re-read that a couple of times. Whether you decipher the chronology or not, what we’ve got going on here is decently technical stoner rock, with a bunch of influences – mainly 70’s hard rock, though the production is somewhat more modern.

Despite the 70’s vibe, there is little of radical experimentation or non-music here. Getting Noticed offers nine quite straight forward rock songs, with only a minimal amount of even such basic things as wah-wah pedal effects or other guitar sound manipulations. There is some meandering going on in a track or two, but usually the tracks get to the point right away. In short: there is not much psychedelic stuff going on here. The stoner sound comes more from the clever melodies and the fuzzy distortion, which means you don’t necessarily have do smoke a lot of the marijuana to enjoy this album. There’s a little bit of blues, a little bit of grunge and a whole lot of rock’n roll.
You’ll find more groovy riffs and guitar licks than you can stomach, played over drums that switch back and forth between driving the whole affair to relaxing in a drawling fashion. It’s sitting in a sofa music, driving your car music, music that tells you to chillax but stay awake.

The band members describe themselves as “friends, who like to have fun and take nothing too seriously. At least nothing except the music!” That may be why titles and lyrics include such hits as “Apeshit!” and “Who cares”. Even so, there is a proper story under it all, a story about a young would-be rock star named Amless who sells his soul to a witch in order to become rich and famous. Apparently, the previous album concerned the golden years of Amless, now a proper star. It is reasonable to think that the next album will fill in the blanks.

If you want to rock out, but take it easy at the same time, Concrete Jellÿ and Getting Noticed is the way to go for you.

The album is released today by Sliptrick Records.

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