Wall Split Action 002 + 003

Wall Noise Action’s Wall Split Action series rolls on, though not at the absurd speed one could have expected. Two more installments have been produced since the last one we reviewed, which was a great introduction to a great idea. Once again: two bands, one wall of 10-40 minutes each. Harsh noise wall, no bullshit. The covers are very uniform, with band names over a black/red background. Stylish stuff, and once again no bullshit. Download only, which I’ve harped about enough, perhaps I’ll just have to get with the program and realize I live in 2017 (NEVER!).

The first of the two new releases, Wall Split Action 002, showcases the walls of Rusting Nihilism and Kyrylo Shablevsky. The former act offers a meaty, slightly metallic, oscillating and pulsating wall of noise with a tonal quality to it. It’s far from ambient, but still has a soothing, if not exactly calm, quality. Rasping distortion weaves a repetitive web that makes you think of other things than writing reviews. The track also has a bit of a twist ending – neither fading out nor quitting abruptly. You’ll have to hear for yourself – sometimes it’s the small things that put the icing on the cake.

Kyrylo Shablevsky offers a very minimalist, radio + pedal based wall firmly entrenched in the midrange section of the spectrum (I’m guessing mr. Dan Electro is involved somehow, but I’m no expert in these matters). There’s plenty of change and dynamics going on, most likely due to the radio source. This is lucky, since the lack of bass otherwise really makes it a little weak to my ears. A constant note might have made it boring, but as it is it works ok.

As we move on to Wall Split Action 003, Rawnoizyshittlessbazzztard kicks off not only with the worst band name ever, but also with a pretty amazing track called “Unhappy”. Choked, bassy, electronic rumbles share space with high pitched, quasi-tonal, almost chord like, melodic structures. The confines of HNW sometimes drive people to scratch at the walls (yeah, I went there), and produce tracks that threaten to fall outside the limits of the genre’s definition. This may be such a track, moving close to harsh noise or just plain industrial at times, as the crushed and abused melodies bring to mind some of the rawer Cold Meat Industry acts. To say that this is “not HNW” at all would be stretching things, though. It’s harsh, it’s not extremely varied and it’s 21 minutes long. And it’s probably my favorite track from the Wall Split Action releases so far.

After all this craziness with melodies and variation, Dead Aeon gets shit back to basics with “Phantasm Nocturnes”. A very minimalist, almost snapping, wall whose source is absolutely impossible to identify – it may be feedback reduced to a wheezing nothingness, or it may be straight up computer stuff. No roominess, no bass, and God knows there’s no melodic or “industrial” aspects on it. It isn’t wholly non-dynamic, though – there are shifts in the dry, distorted nihil, but there will be no headbanging or jazz dancing here.

The Wall Split Action series just keeps on giving. It’s a fine way to check out new artists, and dirt cheap. Purchase the digital downloads here for WSA 002, and here for WSA 003.

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