Nihilreich – No Future

If you speak of harsh noise wall these days, many will automatically associate it with the anti-dynamic purism of Romain Perrot (who of course originally only set up these rules for his own noise, but that doesn’t really matter much anymore). If there’s too much going on, it basically falls outside of the genre definition. To describe the contents of this Nihilreich tape, then, and not offend the sensibilities of the recently Discogs accepted HNW genre, we must say something else. How about a harsh wall of noise? Perhaps we can just settle for calling it very long tracks of harsh noise.

No Future was released by Finnish Supreme Analog Torture Records, and consists of two tracks: “The Great Tormentor” and “No Future” (you wouldn’t have one, if you were submitted to the whims of the Great Tormentor, I suppose). What you have here is non-stop feedback loop based pedal noise, recorded with analog equipment or a damn good digital approximation of the same. The basic sound is harsh distortion, at times going over to shrieking feedback, at other times approaching white noise. There are small bouts of clanging junk attacks, possibly indicating a contact mic of some kind, but for the most part this is feedback noise of the purest kind.

There’s not much bass or lower midrange to be had here, except for in the beginning of the B-side. Nihilreich mainly utilizes treble and midrange, even while seldom going off the plantation completely with annoying, high pitched shit that just hurts your ears. The work could certainly stand to have a little more body – at times the white noise stuff doesn’t really connect. There is, however, enough going on for interest to remain quite high, and in the intensity department there is nothing lacking. This is the sort of tape you shove into your tape player and just blast.

To speak of a favorite track would be nonsense, but to say that this is some solid noise wouldn’t. The tape can be bought from SATR for 4 Euros or something like that.

No future, you sorry fucks.

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