Wall Split Action 004

The fourth installment in the Wall Split Action series features tracks by K∅ and I Corpi Presentano Tracce Di Violenza Carnale. As usual, we get one long track of harsh noise wall by each artist. The lengths of the artists’ tracks are approximately the same, and this time around that means about 15 minutes each.

First out is K∅, who in true HNW fashion hasn’t even bothered to name his track. A fuzzy but dry mass of distorted wall hits you as soon as you turn the track on. A distinct texture structures the onslaught of crunching harshness, which is not completely unlike Vomir, though the sound is a little lighter and crispier. The bass and the higher frequencies are pretty much welded together, as they shift ever so slightly in what is mostly an unbroken fifteen minute brick wall of harsh noise.

I Corpi Presentano Tracce Di Violenza Carnale’s “Inutile Esistenza” goes in another direction entirely, with a layered piece of harsh noise, at times bordering on instrumental power electronics. It maintains a high degree of consistency throughout, but this is a track where pissed off vocals wouldn’t have been out of place at all. The many noise layers develop, swell and shrink, as I Corpi utilizes different feed back loops and distorted wall segments to create a brutal assault covering much of the noise music spectrum. The volume remains constant, though, and there are no “calm” passages, except for the brief moments dominated by heavily textured bass or midrange crunching, which may be easier on the ears than other parts. There is no really high pitched, clean feedback type noise, which really isn’t a problem for this reviewer.

All harsh noise walls can be listened to multiple times. Given that this style of non-music has almost no traditional musical appeal, in the sense of memorable hooks or even rhythmic elements that can serve to produce first enjoyment and then boredom, you rarely get tired of a specific wall. Wall Split Action 004, however, can do with a couple of extra listens just to determine the exact content of all the noisy goodness that is being offered. Once again, highly recommended. This one is pay-what-you-want, and I suggest you send at least a couple of bucks to the fine Russian lads behind Wall Noise Action.

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