Guest Writer Invitation: Write on Archaic Triad

Do you write about music, film or books on a webzine or blog of your own? Would you like the chance to be published, without economic compensation, on a website which is currently ranked 1,129,978th in Russia? Since the answer to at least one of those questions are, scientifically speaking, bound to be yes, you should read on.

We hereby invite guest bloggers/guest writers to contribute to Archaic Triad. Private individuals, or other music/culture blogs and webzines that want a little free publicity – anything goes. Since we are currently run entirely on our own willingness to spend lots of time writing for free, there’s no money in it for you. You do however, if you like, get to put your signature under the article, including a little self-promotion (see point 5 below).

There are a few simple guidelines we encourage you to follow:

1) We accept numerous topics. Music reviews are our forte at the moment, especially on experimental music, dungeon synth, extreme metal and various types of harsh noise/industrial.If you’d prefer writing about classical music, a film, a book or some general cultural topic, that is fine too. If you want to be sure that what you’d like published is something for us, contact us first at

2) Try to use at least decent English. As anyone who reads Archaic Triad knows, our regular contributors are not native English speakers, and our editor is usually a lazy bastard. It is therefore best if you write fairly well to begin with, even though we will put the text through some basic editing (see 4).

3) Minimize politics. You are free to fight fascism, build the wall, save the white race, destroy class society or whatever you like, but you’ll not do it through this webzine. Obviously, if you are reviewing a vegan hardcore act or the new Burzum album, you can make comments on the political content, but if your political opinion becomes the main topic, it’s not going up on AT. Simply put: if your review is something that political activists of whatever kind would gladly make trend on Twitter, we want you to publish it elsewhere. And yes, we are aware that this is a political statement in and of itself, but there are many other websites where you and your friends can make the world a better place by shitting on trumpist troglodytes and/or libtard SJWs. Please make do with them.

4) In general, apart from trying to spot type-os or grammatical errors we know how to fix, we won’t screw with your work too much. However, like most publications, we reserve the right to edit. We will obviously not change your opinions or the substantial content of your article or review. Unless, that is, you violate 3 – we will then turn your anti-Trump rant into a glowing Graveland-review and your racist ravings into a prose version of Ebony and Ivory. In all seriousness, we can offer you a preview of the edited version, so we don’t screw up your trademark, but if you want to be published, we reserve the final say.

5) We can’t pay you, since we don’t make any money. You can, however, sign the article with name/nickname/handle, and attach a short presentation including a few links to relevant pages. Such links can include your own website, a social media account of your choice and/or you band’s page etc.

6) Since we don’t pay you, we’re not picky with copyright either. However, we want to be first to publish whatever your write, and carry it exclusively for at least 24 hours. If you then want to republish it on your own blog or website, that’s fine (though it may not be great for either of our Google rankings, but we’re too extreme to care).

The address to use for contributions/guest blogging is Send any questions or pitches you may have, or just go for it and send something you’ve written straight away, there.

Welcome to the world of irrelevant musical journalism! Prepare to be the same as yesterday!

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