Dusius – Memory of a Man

Extreme Metal Music is a label that recently became a part of Rockshots – a very prolific label that publishes more rockin’ sockin’ bands than anyone can really keep up with. The latest band to be signed by this new constellation is Dusius, which is something as peculiar as an Italian viking metal band. Cultural appropriation aside, in this case the genre designation is employed to describe a quite potent mix of folk, death and heavy metal, with a touch of Hammond organ smelling progressive rock.

The tone of the band’s debut full-length Memory of a Man is diverse, and some parts feel somewhat humorous even while others are very earnestly delivered, at times outright epic in sound and scope. When it is strict and serious, the spirit and sound of Falkenbach hover over the recording. More obvious references to explain the overall sound would be bands like Ensiferum and early Finntroll. Synthesizers and a wide selection of folk instruments are used to complement the basic metal setup.

The band uses about fifteen different types of vocals, ranging from what can only be assumed to be meant to be Viking singing, to growls and screams of every imaginable type (though always controlled and structured; there’s no hysteria here). If you want your extreme music negative or ominous, this is probably not for you. If you’re looking for catchiness, a folkish atmosphere, and aggression channeled through angry vocals over melodic, powerful music using tons of instruments, then it probably is.

A couple of highlights: border line ballad “One More Pain” brings the tempo down a notch after a long row of upbeat folk/death metal tunes. The next track “Dear Elle” brings it back up again with a NWOBHM style riff followed by blast beats and several of the fifteen vocal styles employed in quick succession. “The Betrayal” is beyond cool, and “Coldsong” contains several assaults of very excited spoken word narrative, that could have been recorded at the most engaging Dungeons & Dragons session ever.

This is a very specific type of metal, and this reviewer feels sure that you know from the description if you like it or not. Compared to many similar bands Dusius Memory of a Man is musically deeper, with tons of interesting instrument choices and melodies. It is also very energizing, mixing a large dose of happiness and power with aggression and melancholic, folky tunes. The album will be released on March 17th 2017, and can be pre-ordered here.

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