Shishanote – 1

Sergey Pakhomov of Reason Art Records is sort of a staple in the current online HNW community, not least since he joined Wall Noise Action to help facilitate proceedings there. He does far more than release other people’s music though – including quite a lot of noise of his own. Shishanote is Mr. Pakhomov’s latest contribution to the ever expanding realms of online harsh noise wall.

1 consists of two tracks, exactly 30 minutes long each. The first one, “Track no 1”, consists of a complex and somewhat dynamic wall of wet, glitchy, rasping noises, with brief but almost constant assaults of subdued, distorted noise attacks. It is not overly aggressive, nor is it really atmospheric (it certainly isn’t ambient), but it does create a very special mood. The sounds summon images of work being accomplished and stuff being achieved.

“Track no 2” is pitched down, wetter and slightly more threatening. Frog like beings emerge from within damp and rotten Lovecraftian dungeons, submerged under the oceans for ages. The glitch sounds are slow and disgusted, the clipping noises murky and calming. For a HNW album, this stuff offers a very uncommon combination of listenability and power. It’s harshness is somehow hidden in the overall structure, rather in brutal sonic attacks, and there is nothing truly unpleasant in the noise(s), despite the minimalist and straight-to-the-point structure.

There has been talk of a physical release of this recording, which it most certainly deserves. Until then, it can be acquired for pay-what-you-want from Sergey Pakhomovs bandcamp page. 1 is yet another example of what can be done within the realm of ANW/HNW, when it’s done by the right type of person.

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