Vomir – Chantage Au Gaz

Seven pro-printed CDrs. Seven untitled noise walls. One Vomir. Chantage Au Gaz is one of these “exaggerated amount of HNW” releases that appear every now and then, to make some not-quite-clear point concerning how much harsh noise wall people will buy, or at least listen to.

Sound-wise, this is classic Vomir. Massive, unrelenting, unchanging wall noise. As always, exactly what you hear will shift somewhat depending on your mood or how long you’ve listened to the walls. Because of their typical massive, static and non-changing qualities, sometimes the long tracks of Chantage Au Gaz will sound like a massive, cohesive whole, and sometimes more like a high/mid range fuzz overlaying a rumbling bass. Objectively speaking, as far as we can determine, the first 6 CDrs contain pretty much the exact same harsh noise, while the 7th adds a small amount of reverb or some other delay, creating a slightly more roomy impression. Given the peculiar effect static noise has on the brain, we can’t be 100% sure even of this.

Vomir’s walls are immersive as always, and do not really feel as nihilistic as HNW is often assumed to be. After listening for a while, there is always a sense of peace and isolation, whether you’re lying on a sofa by the stereo or out walking with headphones. It is hard not to make comparisons to mystic and meditative practices from various religious traditions, though I’m not sure Vomir or his fan base would be entirely comfortable with that. Regardless, absorption into one of these walls can most definitely be the cure to what ails you mentally, at least temporarily.

Vomir has kicked off 2017 with quite a lot of releases. This massive set, released by The Level of Vulnerability, is probably the highlight so far. The physical edition is limited to 20 copies and costs 42 Euro, though if you’re satisfied with a digital download you can get away with 9.

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