Eczema – Proyecto 3k9 Darwin Reloaded

This is one of the oldest releases we’ve reviewed on Archaic Triad for a while. Proyecto 3k9 Darwin Reloaded was released almost a year ago, on March 13 2016. The reason why we’re reviewing it now is simple: this album has not received the attention it deserves, which seems to be something of a theme when it comes to Spanish death metal bands.

Eczema have been around for twenty years, and in full keeping with the former sentence I had never heard of them before getting this promo. Granted, it is released by Icon of Brutality, a label with a slightly defective website which ships only to Spain, and there may be many reasons why this album has remained in the shade. It is not due to lack of quality, that is one thing that’s for fucking sure.

Project 3k9 is clearly a type of technical death metal, but the band describe themselves as hybrid death metal. This actually makes all kinds of sense, since there are many styles and genres violently meshed together on this brutal concept album. In fact, there are no single band that could be mentioned to fully give a picture about what this is about. Sometimes, heavy kick drum based bands like Seance feel like a fit, at other points the creative rhythmic work of Immolation pops up, but Eczema has – seriously – their very own style. The heavy, technical and inaccessible parts are meshed with highly melodic passages, which then give way to crazy solos and licks, and then to who knows what. The main vocal style consists of relentless, deep growls of the type that seems to come natural to Spanish death metal vocalists. Did Dave Rotten hold evening classes at some point?

There is a cold, inhuman atmosphere hanging over the production, which complements the music and the theme of darwinism and human experimentation extremely well. A vaguely industrial tone is also to be detected, awakening thoughts of Morbid Angel’s The Laibach Remixes. If Dehydrated Goat’s Genocide Against the Brain Cells had a little less humor and grindcore, and a little more technical work, this might be what it would sound like – or at least feel like. There are tons of surprises scattered throughout the album – on “P3k9#0231” and a number of other tracks different types of strange,  more or less clean vocals pepper the music, and “P3k9#0516” goes borderline jazz fusion with crazy, non-distorted guitar segments tossed in between heavy and brutal death metal riffing. That there’s a whole bunch of intros, samples and interludes of varying degrees of insanity needn’t be developed further.

Proyecto 3k9 Darwin Reloaded is an awesome hidden gem, so good I actually put off doing some more urgent upcoming reviews because this had to get out there. The album is somewhat difficult to find (unless you reside in Spain, in which case you can order it from the label), but considering that Xtreem has great prices and throws around free CDs like candy, your safest bet is probably getting it from them.

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