Closet Disco Queen – Sexy Audio Deviance For Punk Bums

Being drunk, or rather slightly intoxicated, is a very important activity. At my age, I might prefer a quite laid back version of this, sitting around with some strange music, alone or with the odd mate who still happens to be alive and around. But it’s still very important. Closet Disco Queen, a sludge-stoner-progressive-whatever rock band from La Chaux-de-Fonds, agree with this sentiment, and have decided to translate it into music.

After a self-titled album, released a couple of years ago, and a European tour last year, the band have chosen to chill a bit and make an EP. Or rather, a one-sided vinyl LP. Funnymen might argue they were actually trying to make another full length release, but got too drunk to finish anything more than the A-side. Such funnymen are not funny.

Once we’ve dispensed with lies and speculation, we can have a listen to the music at hand. It’s sludge-stoner-progressive-whatever rock, all right. Long winded and somewhat meandering arrangements of dirty guitars and groovy drums play everything from monotonous harping on the same note to funky passages, and rock riffs that are borderline heavy.  There are hints of blues, very small hints of metal, and more than a hint of the aforementioned booze. For brief seconds I think of Brainbombs, but this is a tad more cheerful and technical, as well as a tad less Brainbombs.

Sexy Audio Deviance for Punk Bums sexily deviates when it comes to the audio if one compares with the band’s previous work. It is a little more straightforward, if that word is used very loosely, and the sound is slightly more in your face. This fits the rockier passages perfectly. The previous album, despite also featuring a ton of rock, sometimes felt a little more “distant” and ambient in all its progressiveness, due to a roomier and more reverberated sound.

First track “Ninjaune”  begins the EP with a strange synthesizer intro, possibly more ambient than anything on the debut, but it soon kicks into gear. These are not quite rock tunes – for one thing there are no vocals what so ever – but they are also a long way from being purely experimental. The second song, “Moustachito” is by far the most intense, perhaps the best, but that’s up to you to decide. In the closing track “Délicieux” there’s some kind of 50s and/or surfer thing going on in the beginning, not too far from the Pulp Fiction soundtrack. Incessant drumming and, after a while, fast, distorted riffing puts a stop to such thoughts, however, and the tune turns out to be the perfect closer, intense between the thoughtful passages.

I’ve only had one beer tonight, so I feel confident when I say that it’s not just the alcohol talking when I recommend this dirty little piece of music. It will be unleashed upon the world on April 7th on black and blue vinyl, as well as the now mandatory digital download.


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