Sleep Column – Pink Door to Death

Having established that there’s a White door to Death, it may be difficult to accept that there are other doors, with other colors. Sleep Column, i.e. herr Sandakov, will be limited by no such prejudice. On the Pink Door to Death, he offers yet another long (50:08) track of unyielding, constant harsh noise wall.

The bass is there, to a degree common to some of Sandakov’s other projects, like Elephant Graveyard and Oasis of the Zombies, but other parts of the sonic spectrum are also present. There is no ambition to make things all too consistent. Rather, the wall brings out the most brutal bass, the most acceptable mid-spectrum, and some random high end sounds – no discussion, no BS. While never transgressing the rules of HNW, the Pink Door to Death still walks the line. This is the sort of noise wall that makes you just listen at first, and then makes you think.

The totality of the noise construct is full of lively, powerful, hateful real-person noise, and there are clear fluctuations that make this piece of pink sonic violence stand out All the frequencies are there, and there are no funny samples or field recordings, but in the end this is a violent fucking track of noise wall, with which you do not want to copulate.

The door to death ought to be white or black, at least that’s the way we learn to think about it. If it’s pink… Well, it’s still a door to death. We won’t go all too far with the analysis of why the door might be pink, or why it may be directed towards death. We’ll just settle for the altogether common conclusion that Ivan Sandakov’s noise is great, and that Sleep Column should be released on a physical format. Scratch that – that Sleep Column should be released on vinyl. Until then, you can purchase the Pink Door to Death for digital download for next to nothing.

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