Jadis Mercado + Terje Nordin – Två

On this 2017 CDr, Ms. Mercado has teamed up for at least the second time with Swedish Terje Nordin of COG:NULL to produce three tracks of harsh noise.

The result is a multi-faceted, very varied journey into the world of experimental not-quite-music. Basic genre staples like distorted feedback, ground noise buzz and bass-tinged crunch assaults meet various other sounds, including some peculiar bleeping sounds on the first track, which unfortunately disappear as the album progresses. There are also more high-pitched feedback, but it is used with a sense of what is enjoyable, or at least acceptable, which makes sure you never get the feeling that this was just made by someone who doesn’t get it to annoy people.

There is a weight to Två, an industrial quality and a sense of physical objects (perhaps of metal) being involved, even though that may well be because of good use of delay pedals or some-such. One way of describing the sound would be a slower, more substantial, but also less violent, version of Killer Bug or similar japanoise. There are clear moments of unbridled improvisation and oh-fuck-it-ism, which serve to create a sense of spontaneity and direct, human involvement in the output. Indeed, had this been edited or truly rehearsed, there are certainly plenty of oddities, dropouts and noises that should probably have been left out. When presented as a totality, though, the absolute lion’s share of Två is simply brimming with sonic life.

Speaking of the totality, the overall production is actually rather interesting. There is a definite sense of “space” present, meaning that it at least sounds like certain parts were recorded through microphones in actual rooms, rather than purely lined from the effect chain and/or mixing table. Other parts sound more like they were lined – and sometimes these parts coexist simultaneously. Whether this is simply a random effect created by, well, random effects, or if it is a by-product of the collaboration, or even a conscious choice, is not obviously clear. It does add to the experience, and makes this Mercado/Nordin release stand out from the rather large crowd of noise CDr:s.

Once again, it is not quite clear how to get a hold of this release, though it is probably not too expensive. We recommend writing Jade Mercado through her Twitter and/or Youtube accounts, and work your way from there, or possibly mailing COG:NULL’s label Tordon Ljud and ask for contact info for Terje Nordin. If you’re into harsh noise, it’s worth it.

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