The Wizards – Full Moon in Scorpio

Fighter Records, that small and feisty sub-label of Xtreem Music, keeps putting out all sorts of interesting material. While the main focus of the label has been traditional heavy metal, this second album from The Wizards proves that the scope is somewhat wider. According to their biography, The Wizards were formed in Bilbao, Spain by a bunch of guys who like their drinks and drugs. After a self-financed debut album that did quite well, they eventually got picked up by Dave Rotten and Fighter Records, which now are ready to release Full Moon in Scorpio in a little over a month from now.

As hinted above, this is something different from the classic heavy metal usually supported by Fighter. The Wizards instead play 70s hard rock, complete with occult undertones, blues influences and catchy choruses. Deep Purple, early Black Sabbath and Blue Oyster Cult are all obvious influences. A more controversial thought is that this is what Motörhead could have sounded like, if Lemmy’s vocal style had been all different, and they’d taken an overall more Blues-tinged and melodic route.

As far as 70s hard rock goes, this is on the harder side. While the production does pay homage to the genre’s forefathers, it is clearly somewhat more modern. The ample guitar sound and balanced levels are clearly closer to somewhat more modern metal than to the far more unpolished 70s originals. Still, the best bits have been kept. Just to take one example, the lead guitar licks and solos have an awesome, oldschool sound, which also fit together well with the slightly more modern rhythm guitars and general sound style.

The themes covered on the album are diverse, but most revolve around various occult themes. “Who Are You, Mr. Gurdijeff” explores the nature of a well-known Armenian mystic. Titles like “Caliope (Cosmic Revelations)”, “Odinist” and “When We Were Gods” speak for themselves, at least as far as the overarching conceptual tone of the lyrics and theme goes.

Never really a cannabis or psychedelia man myself, I am limited to mere mortal beer and booze when listening to this. It still does the trick. Rockin’ and sockin’, Full Moon in Scorpio is both a trip back in time, and a promising second album from a band that has already gone a few places. If they keep on playing music this great, they will no doubt go even further.

The album is released on the 16th of May, but you can already pre-order the download of the album on Bandcamp, check out the first single on Youtube and prepare mentally to order a physical copy from Xtreem Music or elsewhere when it drops.

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