Eii Yoshizawa – Materia

Say “Wall Noise Action” and “harsh noise wall”, and most of the few people who even know what you’re on about will think of long (sometimes absurdly so) releases of massive, distorted and usually unchanging walls. There are more than one exception, but much like sibling label Nihil Worship, WNA are heavy on the huge and long. Because of this, it is interesting to see this little EP by Eii Yoshizawa appear on WNA’s page.

This feisty little release contains two rather brief tracks of 5 minutes each, and with a quite original sound. Rather than distortion or feedback, this sounds very much based on either junk abuse or some kind of field recorded machinery. Quasi rhythmically marching ever forward, with tons of organic notes and numerous small, naturally occurring variations, what we get is a couple of really lively and in a sense dynamic walls.

“Materia 1” has an industrial sound, while maintaining the lack of change and the aural hallucination inviting nothingness characteristic of regular HNW. “Materia 2” goes another step towards field recording based industrial. It has a clearer sense of rhythm than its predecessor, even if this rhythm is hidden deep in a treble based, clanging ruckus that maintains the harsh noise wall connection, even while the sounds as such lead the mind off in other directions.

If there’s anything missing, it’s bass. It seems probable that this would have been a more viscerally pleasing listening experience if there had been a solid bass crunch, or at least somewhat balanced frequencies. On the other hand, that would probably have taken far more manipulation, and might also have removed some of the authenticity. Materia isn’t simply HNW, it’s machinery, junk and the remnants of industrial society as such packed into a truer-than-life, true-to-life metallic death fest.

For nothing, or for what you feel like paying, this little goodie can be yours today.

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