Reflections Upon Ourselves

During the past three months of our existence, a few things have been made clear:

1) We are now primarily a music webzine, in case you hadn’t noticed. We will look into expanding back into books and movies again, but the schedules and interests of our contributors mean that music will be the prime focus for the time being. If you want to guest blog about these topics (or about music, for that matter), have a look at our Guest Writer Invitation post. You can do it anonymously, under your own name, or in a way that promotes your own site.

2) We need to constantly remind everyone who wants to submit items for review to abide by the Sacred Rules of Submission. It’s not a way to be dickish, but we get copious amounts of stuff. If you want a review, try to follow the instructions as closely as possible. If we have time and energy we might go through the trouble of trying to put a review together from incomplete submissions, or go through the hassle of lengthy discussions, but in the end we usually won’t. Archaic Triad is completely non-profit so far, and don’t really owe anyone anything. Plus we are pretty dickish.

3) Comment sections are difficult to manage, even when you get very few legit comments. The amount of spam is already stunning, and for some reason especially prolific on our RævJäger articles. If you post a comment, be careful not to write in a way that makes it easy to mistake it for spam.

4) This is fun, and we hope to keep doing it for a while. Please support us by sharing reviews, interviews and whatever else we come up with through your social media accounts. Without readers, there’s no reason for us to publish anything.

5) We are well aware that the headline of this brief editorial is almost entirely misleading.

That will be all. Dismissed.

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