Uior/SP – Wall Split Action 013

The latest in the ever-growing number of releases in the WNA Wall Split Action series is a split between Uior and SP – the latter being a project of none other than the ever present Sergey Pakhomov. As usual there are two walls, as usual both are pretty great. This time around, they are of the shorter variety, with both tracks’ lengths hovering between ten and eleven minutes.

Uior’s “Eva 2” is HNW with a flavor of more activist harsh noise, with constant little outbursts of dynamics tumbling about in a quite massive slab of wall. Treble distortion claws quasi-rhythmically on a foundation of crunchy bass, giving the track drive and power, rather than creating a meditative or empty mood. You almost get the sense that it’s about to burst out into rabid feedback and noise assaults, but in the end the noise is held on a tight leash. While the little shifts are constantly detectable, there is very little development over time, and when push comes to shove we’re left with a solid piece of HNW.

SP illustrates a point made in our review of his second vinyl-player based DDL album Self-Release – that the vinyl player source is obvious when you know it’s there and think about it, but actually not very obvious at all. “Untitled” is a choked collection of mumbling crackles of a type that might well have been summoned through use of Sergey’s vinyl needle and some material attached to the vinyl plate. However, owing to the terse, no-nonsense style of the Wall Split Action releases, this time around we get no information about it, and all of a sudden we have no idea. When not explicitly told, we simply can’t say for certain how this rather relaxing, very concrete, minimalist HNW was made. That is, of course, no problem – to be truly true to the genre we could even say it doesn’t matter.

The noise works its way back and forth between the speakers at break neck speed, even while the overall carpet of crackles maintains a steady pace on the road to nowhere. SP’s track is a perfect contrast to Uior’s, meaning that Wall Split Action 013 offers a glimpse of the sonic width possible to achieve within HNW without leaving for a second the strict, principled confines of the genre conventions.

It is also, as so often with WNA releases, free to download, if you’re not decent enough a human being to throw in a couple of bucks to make sure these goodies keep on coming.

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