The Vomit Arsonist – Meditations on Giving Up Completely

With his fifth album, The Vomit Arsonist celebrates the joys of life with progressive pieces of soul infused, break beat driven bubble gum pop, tenderly sketching suggestions for how we can all learn to live with each other and ourselves. Just kidding, this is of course power electronics. Or perhaps rather death industrial, depending on how you choose to define either genre.

Meditations on Giving Up Completely is indeed a series of meditations on giving up completely, and it is expressed in the bleakest way possible while still producing music with even the slightest general appeal. Junk maltreatment, dark analog synthesizer sounding notes and insanely distorted, echoing vocals form monumental pieces of depressive chaos. Far less driven and overtly aggressive than genre giants like Genocide Organ and Operation Cleansweep, The Vomit Arsonist offers a wetter, damper experience, sometimes approaching an almost ambient atmosphere. Still, there is something more rotten and sinister going on here than on even the darkest dark ambient album, despite the heavy use of reverb and less-than-harsh sound sources.

Tracks like “On Living” and “When the Last Flame has Been Extinguished” pulse with ominous, lazy metallic pounding, feedback, distortion and life denying murky tones. “What’s Left” and “There is nothing here” would have made excellent, dynamic power electronics tracks, if the odd production and general oppressive atmosphere hadn’t prevented them from approaching any type of anxiety-releasing aggression. Meditations on Giving Up Completely simply offers no quarter of any kind, not even that of anger and hatred.

The overall picture painted by the album is a night in some gigantic junk yard, located in a deep canyon, where large machines and angry men shuffle the wrecks and scrap metal back and forth relentlessly, all the while screaming insults at each other and the world through broken speakers. That or Death Squad playing his infamous Intent gig all over again, but this time in a massive, empty basin of some sort. If death industrial ate power electronics, Meditations on Giving Up Completely would be the sound of digestion.

This is not an album for everyone, despite its brilliant construction and violently pursued goal of not affirming life in any way what so ever. To the many fans of extreme music that might enjoy listening to someone who clearly does not enjoy that much at all, making this fact very clear through music, The Vomit Arsonist’s latest effort is a clear 10/10. Had this album lived up any more to its title, it would simply never have been made.

Meditations on Giving Up Completely is released on the 25th of April through Malignant Records.

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