Avulsed – Night of the Living Deathgenerations

One of the many ideas expressed by Avulsed in our recent interview with them was that their ideal production is one that captures the sound, or perhaps the experience, of their live performances. It then makes perfect sense that the release of the massive Deathgeneration should be followed by a massive live album. Night of the Living Deathgenerations is precisely that album: a double CD and a DVD – boldly containing the entirety of Avulsed’s anniversary gig in Madrid the 15th of November last year.

Let’s be perfectly clear here: more than anything, this three disc set is a superb testimony to Avulsed’s skill as a live band. While the musical pedant could probably find occasional slips, the level of precision and tightness is better than studio albums from lesser bands. Considering that there are precisely zero overdubs, that is pretty amazing. The production is also excellent. The audience is audible at specific, determined places to make sure to remind you that it’s all live, and the sound is slightly rougher around the edges than on an Avulsed studio album, but overall it’s extremely professional. Dave Rotten’s impressive charisma is obviously more apparent when you’re actually watching the DVD, but his chatting with the audience between songs are present on the CDs as well, and adds character and a sense of “being there”.

Vocals go a bit more experimental than on the band’s studio albums, with Mr. Rotten letting his hair down a bit with occasional squeals and grunts of the crazier variety. Given the name of the album, it’s not hard to think of Bruce Dickinson’s freewheeling live vocal style, except this is of course death metal and doesn’t in fact sound even similar. The many years of routine is obvious here too, of course, and like always with Avulsed the vocals are a major high point.

Other than that, if you know Avulsed, you know what to expect. Heavy death metal, with brutal riffing, no more melodic parts than absolutely necessary (with the acoustic “Elegy for the Dead” being one of a few prominent exceptions) and a perfect balance between heaviness and aggression. It’s headbanging music, 1990’s death metal carefully updated to be relevant to the discerning metalhead of 2017.

The preferred way of consuming the music on this album is obviously watching the DVD, with the band performing in front of the packed but reasonably cozy Changó Club. The only criticism I can think of is that Spanish death metal fans should really grow their hair – the percentage of people with haircuts I can’t even name is too high in the audience. That obviously takes nothing away from Avulsed extremely energetic, joyous and aggressive performance. Apart from the full gig, the DVD also contains interviews, photos and extras.

For fans of Avulsed, and for the untold thousands that should be fans of Avulsed, Night of the Living Deathgenerations is a must-buy. It will be released on April 17th, and then available from Xtreem Music’s site and digitally on their bandcamp.

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