Sergey Pakhomov – Turnwall

Finally, the turntable wall work of Sergey Pakhomov has made it out from the internet and unto physical media. Granted, it is unto a tape limited to 19 copies, but it’s still physical. It is a shame that so much of the great HNW stuff that is being put out there these days, especially by the various Russian crews, will disappear as soon as some super power or another gets its internet Kill Switch together and pushes the button. Thankfully, Sergey Pakhomov’s Turnwall will still be around in 19 discreet locations, ready to spread unadulterated, crackling joy to the world. We can only hope more noise labels open their minds and wallets, and make this a trend.

What has previously been said about Mr. Pakhomov’s vinyl player abuse based HNW (#1, #2) still applies, of course. Constructed through using a vinyl player, a f-ed up old vinyl plate and a couple of EQ’s, one of which is home made, the tape offers two just-over-30-minute sessions of dry, rough and slightly meditative wall noise. Once again, you can kind of regulate your perception of the output by either focusing on the sound source, in which case you will simply hear a vinyl needle being maltreated by a surface unsuitable for it. This is not so easy this time around, probably because of good EQ use, but it’s still possible. The other way of listening to this is like you would listen to normal harsh noise wall.

In this latter case, you experience a suggestive, multi-faceted piece of scratching, rumbling and monotonous noise, with a certain degree of dynamics added by the nature of the physical objects involved in making it. It is very difficult imagining this being created through digital means (though it would of course be possible – the only thing computers cannot be used for these days is decent human conversation). It has a fleshy, organic and living feel all over it, despite being fundamentally based on the abuse of electronic equipment originally made for delivering far less harsh soundscapes to the listener.

If you enjoy harsh noise wall and enjoy it minimalist, organic and straight-to-the-point, this is clearly something you want to check out. If you also want to support it, or just love stuff you can touch, you may furthermore want to hurry and become one of the 19 people who own the physical tape. Either way, you go to Hallucination Tapes to do so.

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