Sleep Column – Drown Overboard

When it comes to the harshest of (primarily) online released harsh noise wall, Sleep Column remains one of the principal players. The relentless release frequency, and overall high quality, of Ivan Sandakov’s perhaps most prolific project is second to none. Obviously, the path to international fame and fortune is blocked by the fact that very, very few people appreciate constant carpets of noise. But if you’re one of those that do, you should know how rarely Sleep Column’s walls disappoint.

The latest release, digital only and on Sandakov’s own online label Nihil Worship, consists of classic Sleep Column noise. Bass dominated, with bursts of mid and sort-of-high frequency distortion and fuzz, the wall starts out with the kind of held-back intensity characteristic of this and several other Sandakov projects. There are no surprises, but there is also nothing to annoy you. A strong, meaty quality to the noise makes it in a way accessible, or at least digestible, and this is HNW you can listen to indefinitely. Granted, the awesome texture of the noise awakens some degree of heretic speculation on how this sound could be incorporated in a harsh noise or power electronics track, but not in the sense that it feels incomplete standing on its own.

Drown overboard contains virtually no development, but rather a sort of micro cycles. If you skip around the track, you will hear breaks in the sound, but you will not find any overarching shifts in frequency or “melody”. The latter is of course non-existent to begin with, but there are some almost tonal qualities hidden in certain mid frequency crackles. The insistent, almost pounding, bass keeps on rolling like a murdered and quartered 90’s German Hardcore Techno beat, while the higher pitched noises keep trying to go someplace they will never go.

You can not go wrong with Sandakov, at least not when he sounds this good. If Sergey Pakhomov’s latest work has been key in pushing the limits of Russian HNW (without breaking them or prostituting the genre), Sleep Column keeps things traditional, tight, harsh, noise and wall. And excellent.

For 1 Euro, this 33 minute download can be yours. Buy one for yourself, and one for you girlfriend.

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