Redig – Narrow Gate

What have we here? A mystery! A largely famitracked chiptune/dungeon synth project with a Christian theme? To trace the sender could well be impossible, but luckily our skilled team of intelligence operatives and code breakers have worked non stop since this promo arrived, and managed to solve the riddle. The technicalities are of no interest to non-mathematicians, but suffice it to say that through the employment of complex analysis we’ve managed to determine that Redig is a side project of Orthodox Christian chipdungeon act Digre. “Redig”, by the way, is not a verb meaning “to dig again”, but rather a Swedish adjective meaning “clear”, “proper” or “lucid”.

Fans of Digre’s work (#1, #2) will recognize the style, but there are some significant differences. First of all, Narrow Gate is slightly less tracked/sequenced, and contains several parts that are played and recorded sort-of live. Furthermore, the melodies are of a different type. Given the 8-bit resolution, this could still very well be the music of some ancient RPG. Listening to “Trust in the Lord with all thine heart and lean not unto thine own understanding” it is easy to envision the title screen of some of the Might and Magic games. Even so, there is a different vibe to all of this when comparing it to the parent project. If a convention can be said to have been created with Digre, this is an experimental version challenging said convention.

Theologically there is also a difference, in that Redig’s concept seems to lean less on an explicitly Eastern-Orthodox conception of Christianity, and seems more “generically” Christian if there is such a thing. The Bandcamp release notes, are based on King James’ beautiful and classic Bible translation, and two of the three track titles urges to faith and humility. The third song is an instrumental cover of Darkthrone’s “Quintessence”, of which you can make what you will. You may have heard it before, even covered before, but you’ve never heard it quite like this. It deviates not only thematically, but also from the sound and production, of both Digre and the other Redig tracks – and it’s really great.

Digre’s style and concept is so specific and peculiar that it would be difficult for any other project to pick it up without coming off as a rip-off. Thus, a side project such as this, showing off alternative paths to be dungeoneered within this microgenre within a microgenre, makes perfect sense. Two Euros, and this powerful piece of spiritual 8-bitedness can be yours.

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