Disorder – Fuego Negro

January 16th 2017 went down in history as the first day in two years that went by without a homicide in El Salvador. Information such as that would normally mainly be interesting to people living in or travelling to the country in question, but it somehow feels fitting when reviewing a brutal piece of black/thrash from the nation’s violent capital – San Salvador. Disorder have been around on and off since the mid 90’s, but were on a major hiatus for ten years after 2002. In the last five years or so, things have picked up, and front man Morbid is back behind the strings with a new drummer at his back.

The first thing to note, since it is evident already from the track list, is that the band sings, or rather screams, in their native tongue. My Spanish is shaky, to say the least, but it must be said that it is a language that works surprisingly well with extreme metal. Stylewise, they are on the deeper side of black metal vocals, or the higher pitched side of death metal vocals, and they sound pretty damn great.

The music is rough, D-beat driven thrash metal with a strong flavor of black/death. The riffing is extremely energetic, and at times very creative in a way that is difficult to define. In the great melodic and screaming lead guitar of “Tiempos Violentos”, the chugging down-tempo riff starting off the title track, and the relentless intensity of “Bajo el yugo de la ignorancia” there is something – certainly not original per se, but straight-forward and extremely powerful. The production has a lot of flesh – heavy and dynamic, but in no way overdone or sterile.

As noted above, my Spanish is not good enough to determine the contents of the lyrics. Throughout their history, Disorder have been influenced by the violence of the civil war in El Salvador, and such influence may very well still be here. At the very least, there is a metric ton of violence in the music. If you want to drive too fast and endanger the life of yourself and others at some point, this may be an album you want to look into. If you’re fond of ruthless thrash metal with a blackened, deathened edge, that is an even better reason. Released in collaboration between Symbol of Domination and Morbid Skull Records, the album is available on CD or as a digital download.


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