Sleep Column – Why Are You Talking To My Dead Pets

If you’ve been rocking out, jiving, part-aying or otherwise made a miserable fool out of yourself in the past few weeks, you probably know what time it is. If you don’t, let me spell it out for you: it’s Russian Harsh Noise Wall time. Sleep Column has been covered numerous times on Archaic Triad (#1, #2, #3, #4), and will most likely continue to be covered, even if it would be entirely impossible to keep up with the project’s release schedule without changing our moniker to Archaic Sleep Column Review-zine.

Why Are You Talking To My Dead Pets‘ is Sleep Column’s latest piece of wall madness, and it sticks to a tried and true formula. Two tracks, both slightly longer than 31 minutes, offer solace to minds feeling harassed by the stupidity, or perhaps the mere existence, of the reality surrounding them. The first of the two un-tunes, “Why Are You Talking To My Dead Dog”, is a crispy but heavy wall of pure Sandakovness. There’s that special, distorted bass that sounds as if it is trying to steamroll its way out of an all-but-soundproof plastic bag. There’s mid-frequency, raspy distortion that is calming rather than a pain on the ears, and there are choked hints of higher pitches hidden somewhere in there as well. Whether the track develops and changes at all, or if the brain simply tries to adapt to the onslaught and imagines the track’s slight sense of intensifying power is impossible to say. Either way, the noise lulls and stimulates in the way only good HNW can.

The second hymn, “Why Are You Talking To My Dead Cat”, is equally impressive. Here the mid-EQ takes up even more space, spastically fuzzing about like a fat and somewhat pleasant insect. The bass is slightly more hissing here, even if it still provides an excellent foundation. There is a great sense of change here, but here too it is highly likely that it is a mere figment of an over- and under stimulated mind trying to make sense of it all. Another smash hit, or whatever HNW has instead of smash hits when something sounds just right.

The questions posed in the album and song titles are never answered. There are no answers here, only wall.

For 3 Euros a big, beautiful download of this album can be had from Nihil Worship HNW.

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