Macabre Demise – Apocalypse

Macabre Demise consists of one man only, but what a man he must be. Taking brutal death metal and adding an ever so slight pinch of grind, this one man war machine has spent ten years grinding, grunting and, somewhat implausibly, playing live. After releasing the incredibly brutal full-length Dead Eyes Stench of Death in February this year, the good Herr Andreas Rieger is back already with a four track EP to show people he’s not slowing down.

Apocalypse is a short burst of pure brutal death metal goodness. The drawn cover of zombie cannibals cannibalizing like only zombie cannibals can beneath a tentacle issuing sky, is also adorned by a logo in typical goregrind/brutal death green. He who expects an out of tune snare or inward sucking pig squeals for vocals will be disappointed though. This is far more of the Cannibal-Corpse-on-crack sound typical of brutal death metal than it is Vomitoma or Last Days of Humanity. That means it is not as fun as it could have been, but it is also far more competent and, well, listenable than it could have been.

Everything that belong here, is here: the slam grooves, the down-tuned guitars, the rabid growls, the almost synthetic, hyper tight feel of the music. There are melodies in the guitars, but they are few, far between and usually of the deadliest death metal variety. There are very few blastbeats to be found, which is not as much of a problem as you might think. The tracks are short, but not absurdly so, and sport titles like “Scale of Devastation” and “End of Chapter”. The best one, incidentally, is also the most generically named: “Flesh Eaters” is a song made in brutal heaven, especially about one minute in. Magic shit right here.

Don’t miss out on the brutality of brutal death metal from Germany. Not only is this release available for a quite low price, you can also buy it together with the Dead Eyes Stench of Death for a formidable combined price of 13 Euro for both. That’s a deal you can pass up if you’re a ridiculous person who don’t enjoy brutal death metal – but can’t if you’re not. Groowarlrrr!

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