Putrid Offal – Anatomy

If there is a constant trend in the last few years, it is clearly old (really old) bands getting back together and killing it. Putrid Offal had a brief life putting out a few demos and split 7″ EPs in the first half of the 1990’s, before splitting up. In 2013, they resurfaced and began putting out new material. Full-length Mature Necropsy hit the shelves in 2015, and is now being followed up by the present EP: Anatomy.

The style is gory death metal/grindcore of the traditional type. There’s a bucket full of old Carcass, General Surgery and Haemorrhage oozing between the downtuned guitars, the blasting drums and the brutal growls. Whether intense grinding goodness is the order of the day, like in “Didactic Exploration” or the focus lies on synth complemented, chugging heaviness like in the 2017 re-recording of “Rotted Flesh” (also with grind), there’s an excellent aura of oldschool grind/death.

Like in most good metal, the bass guitar plays a role beyond just adding bass sound to the mix. It is audible through the distorted guitars as a purveyor of groove and additional quasi-melodies, and it also gets to shine forth properly during a number of breaks. The vocals fit the style perfectly, having both rattle and tone in the traditional, Reek of Putrefaction style mix of ultra-deep growls and mid pitch screeching. The production is massive – fairly clear, but with a clear focus on bringing out a heavy, chaotic and brutal feeling rather than fine-tuning EQ’s and filters. “Requiem for a Corpse” and “Purulent Cold”, two live tracks recorded in Roselare, may in fact be my personal favorites as far as sound goes. The brutality is mind numbing.

Anatomy is grind/death done right. Our #OldSchoolDeathMetalRevival2017 tag may never have taken off the way it should have, but releases like this keep proving that it should have. The drive and dedication is evident in every blastbeat, the love of rendering anatomic horrors and violence in offensive musical form heartfelt and touching. Putrid Offal puts the scalpel where it belongs, and Anatomy should be an obvious pick for any fan of the genre. It is released on the 4th of August, but pre-orders should be available right about now from XenoKorp.

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