Sierpes – Visiones Caóticas

South America has long been a homestead for dirtier varieties of metal. From Sarcófago to Goatpenis, the Americans of the Southern Hemisphere have always liked their metal, whether black or thrash or something else, a little bit filthier and slightly more pissed off. Sierpes, a Colombian/Ecuadorian duo, is yet another example of this principle in action. With Visiones Caóticas they aim to keep the legacy of early blackened speed metal alive, drawing heavily on the likes of Hellhammer, Sodom and Morbid to create fast paced black/thrash with traces of black magic hidden behind a wall of headbanging straightforwardness.

Visiones Caóticas does not let up much. The pace shifts between fast and very fast, with few slower passages. The greatest part of the album consists of quickly executed, aggressive riffing over D-beat drums, occasionally erupting in blast beats or some other rhythmic variation. It’s intense stuff, not bothering with any pleasantries or experimentalisms. Straight forward, pitch black speed metal is what is offered.

The guitars and bass are handled by a guy named Muerto, while the drums and vocals are performed by a girl named Melissa. Combining drums and vocals is not the most common choice among metal musicians (though Proscriptor of the world’s greatest thrash/speed/black metal band Absu does it). It works well for Sierpes anyhow, and Melissa’s chosen style of singing/screaming fits very well with the music. Switching a little back and forth between English and Spanish from track to track also adds some flavor – as our few recurring readers know, we are huge fans of Spanish vocals in speed metal (#1, #2)

All in all, Sierpes have created an extremely uncompromising, purist speed/black album. If you like D-beats, 80’s thrash riffing, pissed off vocals and a subtly occult vibe, Visiones Caóticas is for you. If you don’t, then you clearly have a problem and should probably contact a professional to get yourself fixed. The vast majority of freedom loving, decent occultists and/or thrash metal heads will go straight ahead and get this album from El Salvador’s Morbid Skull Records as soon as it releases on the 9th of June. How else could you possibly enjoy the eterno esplendor de la muerte?

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