Swamp Flower Rhyme & Aeronaut – Split

Some bands come out of nowhere. Certainly, Aeuronaut and Swamp Flower Rhyme didn’t really, but include musicians from projects such as Forlet Sires and Shovels Beat The Sun. For us at Archaic Triad they did, though, and in an age of increasingly myopic subculturalism and narcissism, we suppose we can just claim they did. Because they did for us.

Both bands have chosen a rather similar approach, and it makes the most sense to speak of this split as a coherent whole rather than a “split” in the usual sense. That is not to say the two bands and sides are indistinguishable from one another, but there is a unifying concept behind the music. Furthermore, both artists rely on drones, samples, strings and of course banjo to create their surreal musical journey. Swamp Flower Rhyme’s only track “Longing” begins as very smooth and relaxing ambient, but soon intensifies as layers of strings, tape loops and the aforementioned banjo enter the mix. Overall, it is rather serene, but there is also discordance and anxiety coming and going throughout the 22 minute journey. Perhaps it is to be interpreted as a musing on the dual properties of nostalgia – a source of both beauty and sweet sadness, which can also recall and even summon darker things.

Aeronaut opens their side of the album with a broken, melancholic and totally awesome melody, which then evolves and devolves into something I would have to call “Heavy Ambient”. The foundation of the track, which is called “American Gothic”, is very raw drone, bordering on the power electronics bass of Operation Cleansweep, with atmospheric sound snippets and instrumental melodies to keep things interesting. The comparison becomes even more apt as samples and noise enter into the picture, though the track is still more ambient than it is Deutsch-PE. Either way: just like Swamp Flower Rhyme, Aeronaut paints a vivid mood, connecting very well with the rust belt aesthetic of the album. It does get rather intense, and the final brief track “Epilogue” is sort of a master stroke that allows the ears and the brain to come back to earth a bit after the deterioration of “American Gothic” into radio hiss, samples and disharmony.

This is music for walking by shut down factories, for drinking in run down bars, for keeping several guns at home because you just love those things, for hating everything that has been done to you and the place you live and the spoiled fucks who did it without even having a reason. The split 12″ is available for pre-order from Cruel Bones right now.

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