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Perhaps we owe an explanation to those who feel that Archaic Triad has been short on dungeon synth lately: dungeon synth bands virtually never submit promos. This means we must ourselves go dungeoneering to find the goodies and, since we are horribly lazy people, that usually doesn’t happen. Not to worry: there will be more dungeon synth, one way or the other. Preferably by DS acts checking out and following the instructions on the Submissions page, but it will probably happen even if they don’t.

Anyhoo, to compensate for our failure in this department, today we’re going full meta: we’re reviewing a review site. One that does dungeon synth reviews. Neath Torchlight is not your average music blog or webzine, though, but one that takes advantage of the unique, tightly nit nature of the second wave of dungeon synth. In brief, the concept is that dungeon synth artists write reviews of the work of other dungeon synth artists. It’s an idea that would be very difficult to make work with any other, older and more developed, genre.

The site acknowledges the peculiar circumstances of the DS scene which have made this project possible with the following tongue-in-cheek overstatement, containing more than a kernel of truth: “It is well know that there is, in Dungeon Synth today, exactly the same amount of artists and bands as listeners and fans and we have developed a method that will be able to preserve this fragile 1:1 ratio based ecosystem. We have given the artists themselves the task of writing articles about each other and can thus produce constant current and multifaceted reviews.”

So, it’s a fun idea, but does it work? Sure it does! Several artists we’ve covered on Archaic Triad, as well as several we haven’t but probably should have, appear on Neath Torchlight, as reviewers, reviewees or both. Chaucerian Myth, Nahadoth, Valscharuhn and Digre are just a few names worthy of mention, and there will of course be more as the blog proceeds through the echoing halls of escapism, spirituality and back-to-basics synthesizers.

The reviews come with tons of embedded Bandcamp tracks, as well as any and all relevant links potential fans (who obviously must immediately begin their own projects, not to upset the delicate dungeon balance) might need. Neath Torchlight is a neat (YES – WENT THERE – BOOM) site, and one which we will follow with interest in the coming decades of lo- to mid-fi fantasy music listening.

Check it out here.

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