Rawnoizyshittlessbazzztard – Cold Wind Outside The Window / It’s Your Death Came

Rawnoizyshittlessbazzztard is probably the worst band name ever, in any genre. At first glance, then, it may seem less than surprising that the project has mainly done digital releases since being formed some time in 2015. There is a tape or two in the discography, but that is it. That, in turn, makes it even easier to come to the conclusion that this is some type of useless, joke-oriented nonsense noise that lives out its brief life out on the internet, of interest to no-one. These theories and conclusions, grounded as they may be in previous experiences of noise bands with “noise” in the project moniker, are all false. Already on their Wall Split Action contribution, Rawnoizyshittlessbazzztard showed themselves to have a great feeling for how to build a decent harsh noise track, and on Cold Wind Outside The Window / It’s Your Death Came, they do so again.

Residing somewhere between HNW and harsh noise, Rawnoizyshittlessbazzztard usually play what would have been called “wall noise” before the intense, beautiful sub-genre division picked up the pace a while back. Their noise is usually intense and uninterrupted, but far from static or lacking in dynamics. Founded primarily on feedback loops and unidentifiable sound sources, their long tracks unfold as storming winds at sea and burning industrial plants.

This particular album contains two tracks of typical HNW duration: “Cold Wind” clocks in at a little over 15 minutes, while “Your Death” passes the half-hour mark. The former is constructed from crunching but crisp distortion, wailing feedback and vaguely (very vaguely) tonal undercurrents, offering an amazing harsh noise journey that is bound to excite fans of the genre. “Your Death” is a far more pure-bred HNW track, of the type released regularly by Wall Noise Action. It is not entirely static, though, but does exhibit similarities to the wall stylings of Sleep Column and other such raw HNW projects. The rumbling and choked bass, the crunchy, rasping distortion and the consistency work in sweet harmony to wallnoise your bum off of the face of this earth, and into another realm.

At the price of 1 Euro, you really can’t afford to miss this little gem, available from Wall Noise Action‘s Bandcamp. And while you’re at it, check out some of that label’s many, many other awesome releases.

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