VIDEO: Tau Cross – Deep State

A “multinational punk/heavy metal collective” might not sound all that exciting. Add “revolving around Amebix bassist/frontman Robb ‘The Baron’ Miller, Voivod drummer Michel Michel ‘Away’ Langevin” to that sentence, though, and things start looking up. Teaming up with members from crust acts Misery and Way/Plague, the two fellows have managed to put something rather peculiar together. Apparently centred around topics like 1500s English mysticism, mythological themes, aliens and what have you, Tau Cross clearly move beyond the otherwise rather predictable sphere occupied by many punk bands, even while there are still a whole heap of punkish influences in their metal. Or metal influences in their punk.

This music is slightly outside our regular frames of reference, but we’ll none the less present you with this excellent video for “Deep State” – a b/w piece of audiovisual entertainment that brings the 90’s MTV show Headbangers Ball to mind. Though this is darker than most stuff that aired there (with the prominent exception, of course, of Hecate Enthroned’s “An Ode From a Haunted Wood“). The song is strangely compelling, with an occult lyric that is not at all as blatantly political (in any direction) as might be suspected.

Tau Cross’ sophomore album Pillar of Fire is due for release on July 21, so if you like what you see and hear below, CD and LP versions are available from the band and from label Relapse.

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