Five Questions for In Thousand Lakes

Today we’re trying out a new format: Five Questions For. It is adapted to the low attention span of the modern internet consumer, whom we for obvious reasons assume to be foremost among our reader base. First out is the excellent Spanish melodeath act In Thousand Lakes, whose latest album we reviewed a while back. These guys are pretty much awesome, and you should not only read this interview, but also go get their stuff. Drummer Javi behind the keyboard.

You were formed in 1996, released a demo and an album, broke up in 1998, and then reformed in 2013. How did all this happen?
I think we lost the motivation in 1998, we thought it was the moment to stop the activity of the band. We got an offer to play at a festival back in 2013 and that became the main reason to come back. It was hard, because Jokin and me had left our instruments totally behind, so, we were forced to practice again. Still, finally we got it and that was the beginning… Now the band is working very well.

How did your attitude towards music production change between then and now? In my view, your first album was far more ”generic” in the sense that it was very similar to Scandinavian melodeath like In Flames and such, while your new album has a distinctly personal sound. For one thing, it seems to be much more influenced by heavy metal. Would you agree?
Totally! You can hear these Heavy Metal influences on our first album, but the influence of the Scandinavian melodeath was too big. Now, we still have this influence but it’s not so dominant.Our roots come from Heavy Metal basically, so I think it must be a very important part of our music. We have been working very hard to write songs with different influences, tempos, etc. Good for us , good for the listener.

You are all from Spain, which isn’t very well known as a death metal country (even if it probably should be, since there are so many great bands from there). How do you think the fact that you are from Spain influences your music, or your possibilities to get your music out there? How is the Spanish death metal scene today?
Our record label Xtreem Music distribute worldwide and we are selling in other countries, and we’ re obviously more than happy with that. We have never had the chance to play outside our country, but I think it will happen in the future. As for now, we are touring our own country, and we still have some cities where we must play. The scene here is not bad: we have never had any problems to play a good amount of shows, we have tons of websites, radios, printed magazines… Not sure if us being Spanish influences our music, but obviously we listen to other Spanish bands.

Your latest album is called Age of Decay. Tell us all about it – the ideas behind the songs, the recording process, etc.
The songwriting took 11 months. Jokin writes the music so, basically, this process depends on him.
I wrote all the lyrics except ”Wolfzeit” which was written by Jose and me. We paid special attention to have songs with a good amount of variety – you can hear influences from different Metal styles on the album, a good range of arrangement styles and so on. We are very satisfied with the album. The total process of the album in the studio was 2 weeks. We didn’t look for a ”modern” production where everything sounds too clear.

What are your plans for In Thousand Lakes – immediate and long-term. Will there be touring, split EP’s with crazy bands, your own brand of beer?
Hahahaha….Well, as of now, we have some shows in 2017 and also in 2018…We have a couple of new good songs which we are working with…
Thanx for the interview!!!!

Jose – Vocals
Jokin – Guitar
Bittor – Guitar
Pintxo – Bass
Javi – Drums

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In Thousand Lakes Webpage

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