Five Questions For Candle

Earlier this year we reviewed the mysteriously officially published Demo 2016 by Sweden’s Candle. Now, five months later, we got the chance to shoot off five questions for guitarist Markus. Together with him we managed to solve the mystery of the label released demo, get some pretty exciting news and engage in harsh but fair criticism of the lousy kids these days. Enjoy!

Just from listening to your demo, it is quite obvious that Candle isn’t the first band you guys have been involved with. Tell us about your respective musical backgrounds.
That’s true, we’ve all been involved in music before, Jorma (drums) started playing bass at 11 years of age, and has been a member of By Malice and Serpent Skies, a melodic death metal band. Erik (Vocals) has also had some experience since the past, fronting thrash metal band Assaultery and doing vocals on Blazon Stone’s debut album. Kanto is a guitarist in Corrosive Carcass. Myself (Markus) played guitar for Corrosive Carcass, but volunteered to take over the drums as our current drummer decided to quit the band. Since then I’ve been aching to seriously get back into guitar, and that ultimately fueled the will to start Candle.

One of the most obvious things with your sound is that you’re sort of taking heavy metal back to the ”underground” in a sense. Heavy metal has become very much a well-produced, major band/major label kind of genre, at least in the eyes of many and if you compare it to death metal (not to mention black metal and such genres). Your stuff is not exactly primitive, but it still has a kind of rehearsal space edge to it that is lacking from most heavy metal albums these days. Was this intentional? How did and do you think about production and such things?
Well, of course opinions are going to differ to some degree even within a band, but the general idea of the band is to not lose the theatrical atmosphere we are trying to convey through the music. In my opinion, clinical overproduction and modernization (if there is such a thing) can generally hurt in that regard.

Do you feel like there is a decent fan base in Scandinavia for your kind of music these days? I would guess yes, but it’s difficult to know – what with all these terrible young people being young and terrible. How’s the heavy metal scene in Sweden?
I’d say it’s pretty good, although I think all kinds of metal is more or less thriving, at least in Sweden. Since heavy metal might be a bit easier to digest rather than death metal, i guess it could draw a more diverse fan base? I wouldn’t quote me on that though. I gotta say though, even if there’s a lot of horrible young people, some still appreciate the good stuff! Or is that just wishful thinking…?

How exactly was your demo a demo, considering it was actually released by Fighter Records? And will you move on to recording a full length album soon, or will we have to wait?
Actually, we never intended for it to be formally released, we rather wanted something to show to band labels and such. Ironically enough, after the positive surprise of having received several offers from record companies, Dave from Fighter Records contacted us without us even knowing he was starting up the label, and gave us a great deal that overshadowed the others, so we decided to sign with Fighter. We also have some experience with Dave from Corrosive Carcass being signed under his main label Xtreem Music, and knew he was a good and reliable guy.

Aside from the record deal, he also wanted the demo to be officially released under Fighter Records, something we had never really planned from the start! We decided to simply call the release “Demo 2016”, to avoid confusion among people about what it is.

About a full length album, we’re excited to let you know that it has already been finished and recorded, and will be released later this summer/autumn!

What is going on this summer with Candle – will there be gigs? And what are your long term plans?
We haven’t had any chance to book any gigs as of yet, but we’re currently working hard on looking up venues for gigs, definitely! It’d be awesome to plan some kind of tour for the release of the album!

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