SP – Springbient №2

Sergey Pakhomov keeps assaulting his vinyl player in ever more creative ways. Springbient №2 is the latest chronicle of this abuse. As on the predecessor, a very specific technique was employed to create (in this case) four walls of 45 minutes each: an amplifier with a 5-band equalizer, a home-made 6-band EQ, a damaged vinyl plate and – most centrally – a turntable with a spring and a screw added to put an end to any notion of common musicality.

The result is, as may be guessed, an extremely analog and minimal HNW experience. It is a noise wall, no doubt, but there are no distortion pedals or feedback loops crafted into massive chunks of eardrum slaying murder. The needle does its thing, with the equalizers being utilized only to vary the overall sound from track to track. The noise is consistent in the sense that it keeps going in roughly the same fashion all throughout each song, but also dynamic, since the organic sound source constitutes a primitive randomizer that makes each turn of the vinyl sound just a little bit different than the last.

The first track is a dry, rasping affair with a fair amount of bass. There’s an awesome metallic quality – probably produced by the spring and/or the needle – which becomes apparent only on comparatively high volume (or in headphones). Bravo! The second track (need I even note that each is titled “Untitled” with the corresponding track number thereafter) is empty. Not silent, mind you, but the noise has been hollowed out to a midranged, quasi robotic, hoarse emptiness. There is bass there, and the metallic tinge remains, but the track is wholly different from “Untitled I”.

Track three is even more butchered. A low, strange scratching with an inexplicable hint of reverb, complemented by glitchy clicks clearly originating on the vinyl. The track changes throughout, though the basic, whispering bassault keeps on going. These are strange times indeed! The third track is perhaps the most conventional harsh noise wall track. While the sound source is still evident, especially if you’ve just listened to the three preceding little masterpieces, the bass and scratching here create what amounts to Sleep Column unplugged – dynamic bass rumblings and sparkling fuzz, but still in a very scaled back and organic vein.

Springbient №2 was released on double tape on June the 27th. The limitation of five copies means that it is obviously already sold out, but it is available for whatever you feel like paying from Sergey Pakhomov’s bandcamp page.

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